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Found 1 result

  1. ULA just announced the launch of a new website: And it's not just a marketing gag - it's a fully functional sales tool. It literally lets you order an Atlas V rocket launch to your specification and date, from a website. Like a car configurator. With an up-front price quote included. I mean sure, you can do it for fun, but one press on the "submit" button will let you put down your name for a reservation - and then the company will contact you to hash out the details of your contract. This in an industry that's traditionally so hush-hush about their deals that customers often have to sign NDAs about the exact price they paid, this is a pretty big step forward. And, of course, a pretty rad thing to any space geek. Also gives a lot more insight into how much payload exactly which configuration can lift to which particular orbit. Can't wait to see this become a trend!