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Found 3 results

  1. Krahazik

    MechJeb 2 Wiki Outdated drastically outdated and missing information. Using MechJeb 2 version KSP version Windows 64it As a result of a lack of information I have no idea if some of the issues I am having are a result of a mod bug, or incorect settings for the craft im flying. There are whole sections missing completely (Aircraft Autopilot window for example) and some sections are incomplete with settings missing. This leads to lots of questions and not sure where to post questions. In Aircraft Autopilot under PID, what are those settings? What is "Kp", what is "i" and "d". How does the "VertSpeed" fields under PID effect "Vertical Speed Hold" if it effects that at all. I have one aircraft where vertical speed hold fails completely and results in dratic and fata pitching ocillation. No idea why? There are settings on the Assent Guidence window that have no informations. What is "Q"? What are the force roll settings for? With an aircraft, I had Autoland completely fail to make touchdown. Was doing good untill the point where it should have moved the craft to make contact with the runway but instead just hovered there untill the plane lift stalled and crashed.
  2. Kerbart

    Printed Manual

    Well, look what I stumbled upon, published by O'Reilly and with a foreword of no one less than Scott Manley: Thoughts? “Much needed?” “Missed opportunity by Squad?” “How dare they?!” Anything else? Discuss!
  3. Hello! I have been wondering about manually calculating the rocket/objects/bodies statistics on paper rather than using mods. I love KER, but I am looking for a way or a style later on where I don't rely on it to design my rockets... (And maybe later if I got the time, make small plugin that only shows the required information from the rocket to take them and do the TWR, dV, burn time, etc... calculations manually). I tried to make the calculations on a sheet, but they were way off the actual numbers shown in KER. I had a rocket in KER showed 11k dV, while on my sheet it was showing 14k dV, so I was wondering what KER takes into account when calculating the numbers? The way I did it was to calculate the stages I know will be in atmosphere based on the Isp in atmosphere for the engine, then for vacuum stages, I used the Isp for vac.... Is it how KER do the calculations then takes the average or am I wrong? I am looking to get the calculations correct as I want to remove KER and just use my own calculations and to improve my math as part of my math re-learning program Also, I am looking for these equations: The set of equations to calculate launch profiles and ascent paths for rockets, also planetary transfers and windows. One other really PITA thing I have is determining the landing trajectory of an object. I use the mod Trajectories which is awesome, but again I want to do it myself... Really appreciate your feedback!