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Found 2 results

  1. Newb Forum

    Has there ever been any thought given to creating a forum specifically for clueless people like myself to ask the countless (and no doubt repetitive) questions we're prone to asking as we work our way through this wonderful game? That way a patient seasoned vet or two could pop their head in occasionally and answer the questions and all of us new to the game could hash through discussions about what we're running up against or clueless about w/o cluttering up the other forums like gameplay questions and tutorials? Hey, just a thought by a clueless noob, treat with kid gloves and don't punch me too hard asking.
  2. Kerbal Edu

    A colleague and I have a classroom set of Kerbal Edu. We are both new to KSP and have spent the last few weeks learning and crashing. Advice, cautionary tales and all that are appreciated. We are working with high school students.