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Found 1 result

  1. This is really off topic, but I thought at least one person on these forum's can help me, and it's the best one ever BTW. This book was very new around 2009, it's a story about a kid who lives in a world where paper doesn't exist, where it rains acid. His grandfather or an elder of his told him of a land where there is colourful landscapes and clean waters, a place where he can find his parents near by and also paper, they go on a journey through the wasteland and travel through a Pipe which goes all the way to this city, on the way I think the grandfather dies and he continues on, and finds his parents, there is a small patch of land that doesn't get rained on by acid, but the character continues on to this city and meets the princes, etc, she says that he can stay, but he said he needs to get back, he returns to the home town and gets onto the abandoned typewriter and writes the story which was just read. If anyone knows this story please tell me!