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Found 1 result

  1. While im working on my main projects, i taught id give you a little bonus post. While watching the Spitfires fly around in the movie Dunkirk, i got reminded of some old WW2 replica planes that i had made a while ago, namely my old Spitfire replica that i originally created for @SaturnianBlue Battle of the Denmark Strait project. I got some ideas on how to improve it a little, so i used those ideas and remastered it, as well as all the other 3 replicas i made for that project. Now their easier to fly, quicker, and just all around more realistic. Supermarine Spitfire (originally PR MK.VI but now armed like the MK.I) The improvements on this one was a reshaping of all lifting/control surfaces, adding of armaments, adding of a propeller engine where the dummy propeller used to be, and a slight change in the canopy. As with all the other planes, i could have probably improved it even more with the parts i had, but i wanted to keep the all stock look and spirit intact while also adding a few improvements. Mainly, i wanted to replace those thin gray lifting surfaces and instead replace them with A+ wing parts top get a more cleaner uniform look. Technical specs: Top speed: 133m/s Length: 12.4m Wingspan: 14.0m Height: 9.9m (Kerbal loading system included) Mass: 16.553 tons parts: 204 Messerschmidt BF-109 Improvements in this one are, stretching and squashing of the fuselage and canopy, adding of propeller engine where the dummy prop used to be, adding of stock Luftwaffe markings, and adding of slats and flaps. Technical specs: Top speed: 100m/s Length: 12.5m Wingspan: 14.4m Height: 17.4 (Kerbal loading system included) Mass: 18.256 tons parts: 215 Messerschmidt BF-110 Improvements in this one are, stretching of the fuselage, canopy and wings, rebuilding of engines, adding of stock Luftwaffe markings, adding of dummy bombs, and reshaping of wings. For this one, i decided to do two versions, a version witch has an improved custom cockpit, and one witch has airplane plus cockpits. Technical specs: Top speed: 145m/s Length: 15.8m Wingspan: 20.2m Height: 11.8m Mass: 17.058 tons parts: 167 (closed cockpit) 219 (custom cockpit) Supermarine Walrus improvements on this one where, improvement of flight characteristics, replacement of the jet engine with a prop engine, and improvement of wind shield. The reason why i had to work on the way it flies, was because i was tasked to create a low part replica of this that would sit on an aircraft catapult of RN cruisers and battleships with it's wings folded. It was basically a movie prop. It still has a rather weird twitch, it also has very little fuel, and while it can land on water, it cannot takeoff from it. Technical specs: Top speed: 92.7m/s Length: 10.9m Wingspan: 14.7m Height: 14.3m Mass: 13.815 tons parts: 169 Mods used: Airplane plus and BD-armory Download link: (this one is an all-in-one package deal) WW2 And there they are for you, a bunch of remastered replicas. I hope you enjoy them .