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Found 3 results

  1. After finding a lack of 3-D printing threads on this forum (apart from Eucl3d), and wanting to show everyone a print I just made, I decided to create a 3D Printing Megathread! Eucl3d prints, as well as personal ones are welcome! I personally only know a little about 3D printers, however feel free to discuss anything with 3D printing as well. To kick things off, here is a Tiger Tank I just printed on a Makergear 2 (not mine, it belongs to a friend). It is 10 cm long and printed in 4 hours. I plan on painting it with acrylic paint soon (tm).
  2. Well, look what I stumbled upon, published by O'Reilly and with a foreword of no one less than Scott Manley: Thoughts? “Much needed?” “Missed opportunity by Squad?” “How dare they?!” Anything else? Discuss!
  3. People deserve to know: Shapeways has been hacked. Anybody that has ordered anything from them, like 3D printed Kerbals, might be compromised. Strangely enough there is nothing about it on Shapeways' frontpage.