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Found 1 result

  1. My plane was doing 0.13 fuel units per second, so i figured i'd time how long it takes to expend a unit of fuel, it took 23.56 seconds. But my calculations predicted far different from that result. My calculations are bellow. 0.13 units/s 1/.13 = 7.6923076923076923076923076923077 (seconds delay between each unit use) As you can see i predicted ~7.69 seconds, but i expirienced 23.56 seconds. A ~206.37% increase. I've added a screen-shot i took around the time of calculations in-case it helps. Can anyone tell me where i went wrong in calculations or if something like my frame rate is causing odd updates or something? (I had on average 11 FPS, and i timed the fuel expenditure with a stopwatch with 1/100 second accuracy. Also note that in the screen shot it has .09 but at the time of calculation it had .13)