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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Kerbonauts, I am a long time KSP player but i had been gone for a while. I started playing again and became as fanatical as the first time i played. I intend to be more interactive, post stuff on the workshop, visit the KSP forums more often and i even started redditing and youtubing for the occasion. Recently i discovered the robotics. Awesome! I finaly made a functional helicopter. I Present to you: Mayakovski Helicopter: -10 person, main rotor-tail rotor configuration, lifting capable Helicopter. Flies great! Space: Toggle engine. R: Rotor brake. (Double tap to release first time. Only works when engine is engaged) Throttle: Lift. 1: toggle grapler and landing lights. I use Q/E for yaw and A/D for Roll, i dont know wether that causes issues for others. Part count: 57 Length: 15.5m Width: 13.3m Heigth: 3.7 Top speed: 50m/s Needs Making History and Breaking Ground DLC Side view: Front view: Youtube footage: Workshop page: Reddit post: ttps:// KerbalX Entry: Kind regards, Robdjee
  2. Syrvannia SSTO Dear Kerbonauts, This post is meant as a standalone showcase of this craft. This will be updated as this gains experience and revisions. For the K-Prize post; see bottom of this entry. I would like to submit the following for your consideration. Today i present: Syrvania SSTO Main view: The Syrvanna SSTO is named after a faction in my favourite Ravenfield Mod. It can haul 5T of payload into LKO. This vehicle is also capable of mining and processing resources. Self sufficient SSTO. Includes Space Cab. Specifications (without Spacecab): Crew capacity: 4+2 Cargo capacity: 5T Weight fueled: 87.455T Dry weight: 43.765T Part count: 118 Cost: 223.307 Length: 26.3m Width: 23.7 Height: 9.3 Launch: Hold a pitch of 20dgrs until 20km. Switch engine mode and reduce thrust 30% until 70km<Ap<100km and circulize @ Ap. Re-entry: Set Pe=50km (or below 20km), Toggle brakes and maintain pitch of 20 dgrs. Fueling: Fill Mk3 LF tank to 1500. Fill all other tanks. 1:Toggle engines 2:Ladders, ramp and cargo bay 3:Toggle scanners and antenna 4:Deploy drill 5:Mine 0:Decouple Youtube footage: Side view: Front view: Interior: Docked at LKOSS: A stripped-down cargo version, named Syrvania SSTO-C, is also available at the Steam Workshop and KerbalX. That version lacks the self sufficiency but can haul a payload of 10T to LKO. KerbalX entry: Cargo Version: Workshop page: Cargo Version: K-Prize post: Kind regards, Robdjee