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Found 2 results

  1. im planning to send (another) unmanned rover to duna. this time im planning to launch a bit bigger one than last time. that first mission was a partial failure-rover was so slow it took it minutes to travel 100m and it was extremelly unstable. by now i cant even control (due to communication networks) it and it has barelly any science to collect (im playing in sandbox but science data like pressure, g force and temparatures is still interesting to a nerd like me). ill just get to the point: i need a new rover but i have no idea where to start and how it should look like. it would be great if someone could share his .craft file. i want this rover to be able to travel at relatively high speeds (15-20m/s), have some science onboard and overall just look cool. i also want it to be unmanned. im ok with using any mods (i already have 30+ of them). if u r sharing .craft file just plz tell me which mods did u use. thanks for sharing and helping me (and the others)!
  2. So, I want to show off a craft I built of which I'm particularly proud. It requires mods, and some modded parts from mods. I have a folder with the required mods and modded parts, along with the craft file and a READ ME. I'm wondering what the ethics are of including the necessary mods with the craft file. Can I do this, or is it generally frowned upon? I feel like it might be a bit of a deterrent for some people if they know they'll have to install 5 or 10 mods (depending on how many, if any, they're missing). And of course, there are parts from mods that I've modified myself to fit the project. These are very minor modifications, but they are modifications of other mod authors' work. They're still properly credited in the .cfgs, but I'm just a little unsure of how best to go about releasing the craft without upsetting said authors. Also, as an aside, is there anyway we could get a separate exchange subthread specifically dedicated to modded crafts? There's a sticky thread, but nobody uses it and it's massively outdated, and the subthread is almost completely full of stock crafts. I don't really want to get buried. I get that most people probably prefer to stick to stock crafts to avoid the very issues I'm writing this post about, but I feel like maybe more modded crafts would make it to the exchange if there was some better documentation on how best to approach sharing them. Forgive me if I'm missing something somewhere in the forum where this has been discussed!