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Found 1 result

  1. I have no idea why I made this, but why not? You can roleplay and stuff with celestial bodies! Choose your main character to roleplay as: Sol: (I CALL DIBS) Mercury Venus: Earth: The Moon: Mars: Phobos: Deimos: Jupiter: Ganymede: Io: Europa: Callisto: Saturn: Titan: URANUS HA: Titanus: Neptune: Triton: Pluto: Charon: Alpha Centauri A: Alpha Centauri B: Proxima Centauri: Sagittarius A*: Kerbol: Moho: Eve: Kerbin: The Mun: Minmus: Duna: Ike: Dres: (nobody wants to be Dres) Jool: Laythe: Tylo: Vall: Pol: Bop: Eeloo: Open for more celestial body requests.