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Found 2 results

  1. TBKW (Turn-Based Kerbal War) Created by Mieyo The idea started a while ago, let’s say three months back in the past. It was a turn-based wargame using my favorite version of KSP, 1.3.1. I played it with my friend and we had a blast. But why is it so fun? Probably cause it’s so simple, it may not be as large scale as I want it to be but the 1v1 idea is really interesting. The game is all ran through KSP 1.3 and a messaging platform of your choice (Discord, Gmail, etc) this is all done through downloaded quicksaves and a lot of effort in the setup of the game at the start. It’s mostly stock I'm adding BD Armory and Hyperedit into the mix I feel like this will make it a lot more fun! And since it’s mostly stock that’ll make people wanna build better ships with more brains than brawn. (Gameplay example below) Here’s a good example of a small bombing run in case you’re confused about how it works: Let’s say I built a small airforce base on the western side of the Mun, but you built one very close to mine. So I decide to attack you with one of my many space bombers. So I attack you, blow up your base and land back at my base, this is a total of 3 turns, you get a max of 5. After I do all of this, I quicksave the whole thing send it to you and laugh at how awesome my bombing run was. Then, you counter-attack (or something) send that quicksave to me and then we keep going until someone surrenders or I kill all your Kerbals. That’s the basics! (for now) Below I will post open spots and other do-dads that are important to the game. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions that are relevant to the game itself. I hope y’all have a wonderful day/night! Open Spots: Mieyo Lapis Arco123 Capitalist Kerbal Planets legal to battle on: Kerbin Mun Minmus Point system: 1 point for destroying a small air/ground unit 2 points for bombing and destroying a small air/ground base 3 points for obliterating a medium air/ground unit 4 points for clapping a medium air/ground base 15 points for clapping out of anything bigger than 200 parts (Whoever has the most points at the end of a battle wins)
  2. I'm now slightly bored with GPO, so I decided to see if anyone wants to start a turned based war with GPO. The rules will be commented below soon. My mods are below. BDA is not one of them, so the contestants will be using stock weapons in a entirely different solar system.