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Found 1 result

  1. Moar Volcanism!

    I wanted to bring this topic up again (old thread here) because I believe the game would immensely benefit from it. For further discussion, also consider cryovolcanism volcanism. I'd like you to answer the following questions. Feel free to submit further questions If you feel like they contribute to the discussion. 1. Where would you put volcanoes and what properties should they have? I'd put at least one big volcano on Duna, representing Olympus Mons. This one doesn't necessarily need to be active (still it would be a nice feature to have smoke trails and maybe lava flows at the top), but it should be extremely massive and extremely high. Actually, it should have such a great height that it makes it hard to land on it because you can't hope for Dunas already thin atmosphere so slow you down sufficiently at that altitude. 2. Could this be implemented easily? Yes and no. Yes, because (if it isn't active) it would just change Dunas topography- and biome-map. No, because it would change a big part of Duna entirely and people who have ground-stations there might be upset. 3. What does it add to the game (except for itself of course)? It would be necessary to be considered when aerobraking at Duna (so your aerobrake doesn't turn out as a high-g lithobreak ) and this would be a completely new and unique feature. Also, you have to consider that the atmosphere would hardly be helpful when landing there. So all in all, it would add a destination for medium to experienced players without making the game harder for beginners. I'm curious about your ideas! I'm not sure if this topic belongs here, maybe It's rather a general discussion?