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Found 1 result

  1. YouTube copyright bot on KSP video

    So... YouTube again. My most recent upload got flagged for using a tune from "AdRev Publishing APM (Publishing)." The tune? KSP's main menu background music. Not the main theme, but the thing that plays after the main theme. I forget if it has a proper name. Oddly, I used that tune a few episodes back without complaint. Just in case, I figured I should ask: Squad, is "AdRev Publishing" you? I marked said video as Unlisted and tried to dispute the claim, using Squad's FAQ for support. YT's dispute form broke saying the video didn't have a claim on it. Um... that's a problem for YouTube anyway. But I wanted to make sure using all of the tunes from KSP in a KSP video was kosher per Squad's copyright FAQ. --