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Has anyone been able to get Realism Overhaul working on Windows KSP 64-bit v0.90?


I'd like to just create a thread asking this, in order to clear the air about it. I cannot find a definite answer, or find out whether there is a workaround available. I've used unfixers, disabled win64 checks manually and recompiled and so many other things.


A dualboot in Linux x64 isn't viable for me as my gaming PC is also my browsing/school/ and home theater PC. Its just not praticle.

I have too many mods to run in 32 bit, and I've tried ATM, DDS Loader, DDS4KSP, opengl, minimen and gamebooster and all result in a ctd over too much memory either at launch, loading of VAB ships or either a CTD sometime in flight.

I don't want to trim back mods, at this point, until I know that RO does not work in KSP 64 bit v.90. I don't like the texture looks after ATM or DDS4KSP so 32 bit is kind of out of the question anyhow.

I'd like to get a one and all solution and I think that may be Windows KSP x64. I just need to know if its possible or not, or am I wasting my time after the past three weeks of trying to find a workaround?

Please, I don't want this thread to be about how unstable x64 is, I know how unstable or stable it is. I also would appreciate it if no one would try to convert me to 32 bit at this point. If you have not been able to get RO KSP x64 v.90 to work then please do not respond. Otherwise, I'd like to hear your story.

And here iis the 1 million dollar question:

Has anyone been able to get Realism Overhaul working on Windows KSP 64-bit v0.90? If so, how'd you do it?

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