Comprehensive Ferram Aerospace Research Tutorial

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A video series covering everything you need to know about FAR.

Individual videos:

We cover center of life, and angle of incidence. Both of which are related to wing placement.


We cover intakes: How many you need and the different types. Engines: How the thrust changes with speed, ect. Landing Gear: Pro's and Con's of the different configurations.


We cover control surfaces and various forms of swept wings.


We go over a list of important mods for use with FAR.


We cover the dreaded stability derivatives page.


- - - Updated - - -

We cover the FAR graph, how it interacts with stability derivatives page, and how it can be used to set up flaps and spoilers. j

To give some examples of the topics discussed in previous episodes, we do some case studies. This time a simple jet. j

We do another case study, this time a high speed, high altitude world traveler. j

Another case study, this time a early single stage to orbit craft. j

Another case study, this time a SSTO capable of lifting an orange tank into orbit. j

Another case study, this time a vertical take off and landing craft for getting to those hard to reach places.

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