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Just a thanks to all modders out there, and a list...

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The amount of amazing mods for KSP never ceases to astound me. Every know and again, when I consider myself knowledgeable, a mod pops up, be it new or old, that is just awesome.

Off of the top of head, here is a list: (Rocket parts related only)

Explorer - FASA, Bluedog

Sputnik - SXT

R-7 - HGR, Tantares LV

V-2 - Taerobee

Redstone - FASA, OMSK, Bluedog

Mercury - Tantares+, FASA

Gemini - Contares, FASA, Tantares

Titan II - ?

Atlas I - OMSK

Atlas II - OMSK

Centaur - OMSK

Vostok - Soviet Pack and Tantares

Voskhod - Soviet Pack

Soyuz - Tantares, HGR, Q Orbital

Proton - Tantares LV and Soviet pack

Saturn IB - ?

Saturn V - SXT, FASA, KW

ASTP - Tantares

Salyut - Tantares

Mir -Tantares

Skylab - SXT

X-15 MikeNZ

Titan I - ?

Titan III and IV ?

Space Shuttle - MikeNZ, CSS, KSO, ShadowWorks

Orion - BaconLabs, MRS (LAS), ShadowWorks

SLS - ShadowWorks, Spice Launch System

Copernicus - Deep Space Exploration Vessels (Dev)

Altair - ?

Delta II - Pheonix Ind Boosters

Delta III - ?

Delta IV - ShadowWorks

Dragon - Pheonix Ind, Tundra Exploration

Falcon - Tundra Exploration

LADEE - Tundra Exploration

Cygnus - Tantares


Yes, I have left out planes and that stuff, might do it another time.

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What you have done here is great. Im sure they will all appteciate it.

This is actually handy for me atleast, I know who made what now, and what has been made.

No need to list my vehicles and stuff as there is too many for a short list

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