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Constant crashing every hour or two (possibly due to memory leak?)


First things first, i have over 20+ mods such as NearFuture and KerbalKonstructs and hotrockets and ive installed ActiveTextureManagement to try to recuce the lagging and crashing.

Lag isnt a problem (except in DMP because of all the crafts flying around) and i can use most modded parts without problems.

I can even use the North Kerbin Dynamics nukes and Tsar bombs without problems.

Now, i have two ideas to why this is happening and i believe one is more likely then the other. I have scatterer and KerbalKonstructs installed and i know Scatterer sometimes causes crashing, so ill uninstall that and report back on what happens.

Ive also enabled OpenGL using a command that i had found while browsing the forums for the problem and my computer "doesnt support" PPFX, so i cant enable or disable it.

Error Log

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I think people will need your output_log not error log, and I'm sure it would help them if you provided a mod list.

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my mod folders:







Firespitter (plugin)














North Kerbin Weaponry











and ModuleManager.2.6.8

IDK where i can post or put a download link to the output log so just let me know what i should do

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But yeah, you are running into "out of memory" *32bit KSP can only use up to 3.5/3.7Gb RAM*

From error.log

79% memory in use.

0 MB physical memory [1672 MB free].

0 MB paging file [0 MB free].

0 MB user address space [92 MB free].

Write to location 02000000 caused an access violation.

Show that KSP can't use more memory within the space a 32bit program/game can use, and crash.

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Ive seen that in quite a few places and i also have a 64 bit operating system on my laptop, but i just want to know how i can fix this problem, also, it seems that getting rid of scatterer has increased the time before each crash.

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32/64bit here refers to KSP, not your OS. Having a 64bit OS on your computer doesn't change anything here.

On Windows, only the 32bit version of KSP is officially available, the 64bit being stable only on Linux.

The best solution would be to remove mods, but is you want to keep them, I see two options:

  1. Lower graphical settings and use the "aggressive" release of ATM if you don't yet, to reduce memory usage and be able to play onger without crashing;
  2. Wait for 1.1 and Unity 5 which should hopefully get rid of these memory issues.

For your personal record, know that the mods using the most RAM are the visual mods, followed by parts pack mods.

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