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Miles "Tails" Prower the fox, the Tornado and me.

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(I already apologize if this ends up being way too long and if i suck at writing). Now its time to really show my love towards my favourite videogame character of all time and its impact on my career in KSP and my life :D, cuz i just feel like doing this. I dont know if anyone of you will find this interesting at all, but if you read trough the whole thing, thank you :wink:.


Currently using this Screenshot collage as a background image in my school computer. We have double screens and one of them is most of the time empty so why not have something other to look at than that damn Windows logo. Its just a quick Microsoft paint thing that i did in about an hour at school, not the best but i like it :).

So lets get started shall we.

My love for tails began actually about 2-3 months ago, suprising isnt it. The only time i had really seen tails before that was when i played Sonic Heroes when i was really young and didnt really care for the characters themselfs. After that i saw him when i played the Sonic Megacollection for the Gamecube, but back then tails for me was just a cute and cool looking character with a dumb AI.

So about 3 months ago an idea popped in my head and i found myself searching for pictures of tails from google. At that point i just tought that, hmm, Tails is a Pretty cool character.

After a bit of looking around i found a screenshot from one of the episodes of Sonic-X witch showed tails in the cockpit of the X-Tornado, and after that i desided to go and watch some episodes of Sonic-X cause that might be fun.

And then i found myself watching all 3 seasons of Sonic-X in 2 days :confused: (i guess you can call that addiction :wink:).

After that i found out that i had a bit more than just a fandom for tails. He was no longer just a cool and cute character, he was something so much more.

Tails has this very special ability to make smile even just by thinking about him :D. It helps a whole lot in many situations, especially when ive just spent two hours writing something on to The forum but as soon as i try to upload it it just gets stuck forcing me to go back and start over and hope that the auto-save feature has saved more than just 10% of the post :huh:.

Tails for me is has the best character desing of all time (cute and cool looking at the same time), is relatable in some many ways and who wouldnt like to have two tails that grant you the ability to fly whitout the need for an aircraft and that make you run as fat as most aircrafts plus an IQ of 300.

So just how relatable is he, well lets find out. I am also more of a brains beats brawn tupe of person and like to make sure that i know what im doing and try to use logic instead of force.

I have always also been a fan of all sorts of techy stuff and also like to do things by myself if i can (i know how annoying it is when people give you help but dont actually know what to do). The both times ive flown in a real aircraft simulator i have left the operators stunned by my ability to fly like i would already have pilots licence so im planning on getting one in the future but the broblem is that like Tails i am a very nervous person and can get stressed out and scared pretty easylly (you cannot even believe that just how much i was shaking behind the wheel in driving school). And oh yea, i am also a certified aircraft technician.

I also like to help people out whenever i can, and im also a very calm and cool personality (I dont think anything has ever made me properly mad).

So yea, those are some things that came to mind.

Here is pick of my Tails related stuff that ive made.


Half of the pictures are custom and half are based on picks on the internet.

The small cubee took about 2 hours two hours to make, its actually a mix of two different cubees. The tails modified from the official cubeecraft version of tails (the two tails are now seperate instead of being completely flat) and the rest of it is built from the Archie comics version of Tails created by a guy in deviant art.

The bigger papermodel took me 2 days to build and later on i spent arond 3-4 hours stuffing it up with cotton wool to make it last longer.

I did a custom paintjob to an Airfix Gladiator mk-1 model witch took me about 6-8 hours to build and paint

So now lets get to the KSP side of buissness, aka the Tornado/Tornados that i have created. im not really the a fan of the Tornado 1 and 3 but like the Tornado 2 very much and i also like the X-Tornado for its unique look.

Creating the tornado was an obvious choise for me to make in KSP. None of the other Tornados exept for the Tornad 2.5 and the Tornado 5 are really that special for me. The Tornado 2.5 i like cause it looks like the tornado 2 (hence the name) and the Tornado 5 is my all time favourite cause its unique looking and it flyes really well.

Before i started to create the tornado in the first place i just had to do one thing, and that was to get myself a Tails flag.


After some searching around i found the tails_sheet made by nintendrawer and tought that would be a perfect subject. the pictures were really good and they where small enough that i didnt have to do too much resising at all (if you resize anything with Paint it just becomes a pixelated mishmash :mad:), and now its in almost all of my aircrafts excluding the crappy ones.

I do love that picture very much :D.

I have made quite a collection of Tornados and aircrafts that are inspired by the Tornado, so here are some picks of them.


Here we have a replika of sorts of the Hyper Tornado seen in season 3 of Sonic-X (above).


Here we have the Whirlwind fighter witch is inspired by the transformed version of the Tornado 2 (hence the wing design and the engine placement).


Here we have the S-Tornado witch was supposed to be my to go SSTO but since i suck at making them it didnt really work and i ended up converting it to an atmospheric jet. it was inspired by the X-Tornado (wing design and the rearend of the aircraft) and the Tornado 3 (engine pods).

Finally below we have the Twin-Tornado, an aircraft that is a mix of the Tornado 5 (engine design), Hyper Tornado (intake design) and a remake of one of my older twin engine aircrafts that unfortunetly broke when the swept wings got a new updated model. Also the wingtips and the elevators got changed toa Tornadoesque style



My original idea for this aircraft was to create a heavy fighter of sorts that would be as fast and manouverable as a jet but that never happened.

So as you can see ive gotten quite inspired by the Tornados design.

After i started flying under the tails flag ive really started to think more carefully that what i design and have really started to sink a lot of time into those designs. for example ive spent about 8 hours in total building, tweaking and polishing the Tornado 5 and about 5-6 hours on the tornado 2.5 (had to fix an issue where the aircraft would go out of control if you more than tapped the S key and me later changing the design and adding the rocket boosters didnt help this problem [COL too close to the COM]).

The Tornado 5 was the one thing that inspired me to go and post some of my aircrafts to the KSP forum.

plus i think ive become even more of a crazy pilot now.

So there you have it folks, my Tails fandom and all the tornados in one big package. I hope you enjoyed reading trough all this nonsense :).

Links to posts for the Tornado 5 and the X-Tornado

Tornado 5:http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/138966-Tornado-5-New-version


If you read thru the whole thing, congrats :). Well, atleast now i dont have to think that should i or shouldnt i make a post like this on the forums since its done now :wink:.

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Thats really cool Sonic&Tails was my childhood that you made an tornado out of an gladiator is so loveing cool wow i not know but if you read this you do amazing work bro And yes Tails is really cool greetings from Germany

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