Clouds in stock KSP

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You must remember: Not everybody has a high end computer. Not everybody can handle having fancy texture mods and stuff in their game, let alone run it at a good FPS. Heck, I play KSP on a HP notebook! If they added clouds, it would create lag and framerate issues (I know this from past experience with EVE). Maybe if they added an option to turn clouds on or off then that would be ok, but otherwise I'm opposed to the idea

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Honestly, id rather keep clouds as a mod (unless by some miracle the devs can make it so there is no noticeable performance loss which is like never happening).  First of all the number 1 benefit of EVE is that i can make my own textures if i dont like the ones that ship with mod (which i dont like honestly as they are super outdated by modern mod standards and havent been touched in ages, SVE isnt bad, but even that isnt quite my style visually).  I have my own mod for EVE, and thats the primary reason i love the mod so much, i can add my own clloud style, my own particles, my own atmosphere renderer, and tweak everything to achieve the performance i expect out of it and not be stuck running someone else's configs.

That and i seriously doubt the devs would integrate scatterer as well (which is at this point in time really needed for me, if only for its sunflare renderer as the default one looks like garbage).


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