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Distant Worlds Universe The Major Empire


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This is Episode 1 of my new series on Distant Worlds
Sandbox Mode With Extended Universe Mod
Max Stars and sector Size
Welcome to the Major Empire all puns intended
Ok so we may have  a bit of a fuel problem
Episode 2 " Out Of Gas"(Shameless Firefly Reference) https://youtu.be/ntneteGFIZc
When you walk into a room full of Strangers and everyone hates you.
Episode 3 "Meeting Strangers" https://youtu.be/rg3uq4d1E8I
The First Bug War
Episode 4 "The Only Good Bug Is A Dead One" https://youtu.be/ExVrLRDfUoQ

Its Getting Awefully Crowded in my Sky
Episode 5 "New Neighbours" https://youtu.be/PMfz-Xlg_9w 

Trade Sanctions From Whom
Episode 6 "Antisocial Strangerss" https://youtu.be/WaR7sUGHZ-8 


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Wrong forum? :)

Though it's good to know people play that game. I think I kinda' played all 3X space startegy games since the first Imperium Galactica... and DW:U is by far the best of 'em. Too bad I won't watch the video, as doing so reminds me of my childhood when I had no hardware of whatsoever, so gaming meant watching someone who had.

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