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Cannot Select Ship on the map

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I'm having difficulties with two of my ships. Whenever I'm viewing space map, there are two ships (out of a dozen) that have blue brackets around them and I cannot select them while on the space map. Thankfully Kerbal Alarm Clock allows to jump to those ships, if I have an alarm setup for those ships. Another way I can do it is by going to Tracking Station and selecting the ship from the list only, not the map itself (that still does not work in tracking station.)

Since the both ships have blue brackets around them, I speculate that the issue I'm having is part of the game play, so not an issue with the game but me, not knowing what is going on.

Now, I think it might be Remote Tech mod that is doing something, but I'm not sure, since one ship is crewed, and another has a link to Mission Control and I still cannot select either of them. I do have a bunch of other ships.probes that work just fine.

Anyone knows what is going on?

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I'm not sure what you mean by blue brackets, but I've had issues since 1.1 with not being able to select a nearby ship to unset it as target and not being able to place a maneuver node or warp to a point on an orbit. Not sure if it's game related or mod related.

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