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Every couple of days I will set a new challenge that requires a tailor made mod (downloadable from Spacedock) to do.

Download current version (1.0) for current challenge (Challenge 1) from Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/752/imkSushi's Modded Challenges

1. You are allowed to use any mod that does not affect the gameplay (e.g. Mechjeb, Kerbal Engineer Redux, EVE, etc.)
2. You are not allowed to use any mod that affects the gameplay by letting you do something that would not otherwise be possible in stock ksp (e.g. Hyperedit, OPM, KW Rocketry, etc.)
3. You must use the tailor made mod (downloadable above) for the challenge
4. Don't use the cheat menu
5. Don't cheat
6. Don't lie about cheating
7. Be honest

If you are in doubt about whether or not you can use a particular mod, ask on this thread. Until you get the go ahead, assume 'no'.

When you have done it, post which challenge you have done, which challenge levels have you done, which mod you used, and a couple of screenshots proof.

Challenge 1 (07/06/16):


I may have let a number slip. Whoops. Eve's Surface Gravity is now 5.7GeeASL, instead of 1.7GeeASL.


Level 1 challenges:
Go from Kerbin, land on Eve, and then go back to Kerbin (Kerbal Required) (Only one launch allowed)

Level 2 challenges (requires level 1 to be completed as well):
While your at it, land on Gilly as well. It has a much smaller SOI...

Level 3 challenges (requires level 1 to be completed as well):
No Aerobraking. You must be in orbit when you start descending through the atmospheres.


MIT License

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