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Multiple up-to-date mods not showing up in stock or blizzy toolbar


Greetings, Kerbonauts! I've been on the forum for a while but never thought my first post would be a support request. :P


So after a busy end of semester I finally came back to KSP last month. I made sure all the mods are as up-to-date as possible and fired up KSP again. At first I noticed that some mods were missing on the blizzy toolbar but thought they just weren't updated and ignored it, until a few days ago after I installed the latest release of Throttle Controlled Avionics and found out  it didn't pop a button on the toolbars. Looking deeper into the GameData folder I realized some more mods that suppose to run on 1.1.3 weren't appearing as they should either. And on the forum I don't see anyone hitting similar problem.


I'm sure all the mods were installed in the correct manner, and I have already reinstalled the whole KSP twice but it didn't work out at all. Even manually edit the cfg file to use the stock toolbar instead of blizzy one didn't help.

And also because it's a bunch of mods being affected so I think it's best to put it here, rather than seeking help in their respective threads.


So this is the output log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By1WQWYRfwRyZnVPbDgtNmtwSlk/view?usp=sharing


And I'm leaving a short list of mods that are suppose to be on the toolbars and their condition:

Working without any problem:


Hangar Grid 0.3.0 

NavUtilities 0.6.1 with unofficial fix

SCANsat 16.6

TacLifeSupport 0.12.2

VesselMover 1.5 with unofficial fix


Button doesn't appear:


Docking Port Alignment Indicator 6.4 >> no precision docking maneuver recently that needs DPAI (who needs this when building/ a test surface base at KSC anyway?) but RPM screen suggest it's working ok, just not a button for external view


Kerbal Alarm Clock >> not even a button in the tracking station


PersistentRotation 1.5 >> the window appears right after changing into flight scene, but without the button I cannot toggle it off


Throttle Controlled Avionics >> options of TCA appear in the engines' right click menu, but again no button to bring up the main panel


Trajectories 1.6.2 >> showing prediction in map view, not a big deal I guess? :P


Outdated mods, but reportly working in 1.1.3, so possiblely affected too:


AntennaRange 1.11.3 >> don't see any pretty line being drawn in map view, but who knows?


TacFuelBalancer 2.8


Thanks in advance for people who kindly help to diagnose the problem :)

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