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Symmetry broken for part parameter changes


I'm on 1.2.1. 64bit PC.  Losing my mind over how awesome this game is.

Mods: Mechjeb, StageRecovery, RemoteTech, Contract configurator, several contract packs, waypoint manager, KEI.  Not too many.

Problem: All of a sudden, when changing parameters on a symmetrically positioned part (i.e. parachute altitude on a radial mount chute) the parameter isnt matched on the other parts in the group (i.e. I have 3 chutes placed on the rocket with 3x symmetry and normally changing parameters on one chute applies to all others in the symmetry group)

Also, it seems like the sliders for adjusting such parameters have suddenly become very laggy.

I feel like this might be a key I fatfingered or something, because I started a game after installing mods last night and it wasn't happening for several hours, but just started.  I will try to reproduce by starting a new game and seeing what happens.


Thanks in advance.


Edit: After closing client and relaunching, the problem goes away.  I'm thinking this is definitely a key I must have pressed.  Any advice?

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