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Cant play on my DMP server...


So everytime i join my server and try to go the the VAB my game crashes and the DMP server gives me this error...


[20:49:40][DEBUG] : Loading settings...
[20:49:40][DEBUG] : System.IO compression works: True, test time: 2 ms.
[20:49:40][DEBUG] : Loading plugins!
[20:49:40][DEBUG] : Done!
[20:49:40][INFO] : Starting DMPServer v0.2.4.1, protocol 45
[20:49:40][INFO] : Loading universe... 
[20:49:40][INFO] : Starting SUBSPACE server on port 6702... 
[20:49:40][INFO] : Removed 0 debris
[20:49:40][INFO] : Ready!
[20:50:57][DEBUG] : Online players is now: 0, connected: 1
[20:50:57][INFO] : New client connection from [::ffff:]:53134
[20:50:58][DEBUG] : Loading admins
[20:50:58][INFO] : Client Josh handshook successfully, version: v0.2.4.1
[20:50:58][DEBUG] : Online players is now: 1, connected: 1
[20:50:58][DEBUG] : Sending Josh to subspace 0
[20:50:58][DEBUG] : Sending Josh 0 craft library entries
[20:50:58][DEBUG] : Sending Josh 20 kerbals...
[20:50:58][DEBUG] : Sending Josh 0 vessels, cached: 30...
[20:51:04][DEBUG] : Josh acquired lock asteroid-spawning
[20:51:13][INFO] : Client Josh disconnected in ReceiveCallback, endpoint [::ffff:]:53134, error: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host)
[20:51:13][DEBUG] : Online players is now: 0, connected: 0
[20:51:13][DEBUG] : Error closing client connection: The operation is not allowed on non-connected sockets.

Any help is much apreciated!

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