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A Saturn V look-alike [KW Rocketry] [MechJeb] [TweakScale] [WIP]

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I made a nice, well-flying Saturn V look-alike using stock and KW Rocketry parts. I also used MechJeb because I like the extra orbital info that it gives, but you can remove the MJ parts if you don't want them.

Any comments? I would love to know how I could improve the realism and/or the flyability of this thing.

Link to the .craft file: Clicky!

Also, this thing was made in KSP 1.2.2.


Part Count: 73

Width: 5m (First stage, Last stage 2.5m)

Height: 62m

Weight: 439.4t


I have a severe lack of any pad screenshots, so most of what you are gonna see here was taken of the CSM/lander around either the Mun or Minmus.





(I have Windows set to upload screenshots to OneDrive when I press Print Screen - this avoids filling up my Steam Cloud with them :D)

It is also worthy of note that I have successfully recreated an Apollo-style Mun landing using this craft. One note I must make is that the second stage can be a little overzealous when it comes to steering with gimbal. I haven't attempted to fix this myself yet, but for now be sure to keep a watchful eye on the navball.

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I failed to mention that the lander can's monopropellant tank is cut off because RCS has to be on for the second stage to control itself during launch, and I didn't want to deplete the lander of monopropellant so quickly. When you undock from the lander to head down to the Mun/Minmus, you may wish to turn on the monopropellant tank again by right clicking the lander can and clicking on the little "no" symbol next to the monopropellant so that it turn to a green arrow.

Also, you may notice that the craft does have a launch escape system. To activate it, use the Abort action group. Otherwise, it will stage off after the first stage is separated.

One more thing that I failed to mention is that I used TweakScale (or TweakUI, whatever you call it) to get the fuel tank for the CSM just right. You will need to install TweakScale or this craft will not load.

Also, more screenshots:




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