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Re-Entry Parachute System



Hi, I'm new to Forums, asking.

I have launched lots of Exploration Mission, in Early Carrer, Mostly were Science-Return and a small Parachute helped a lot.

Now, I have started Crewed Exploration, and I'm facing Reentry problems, it's good at de-orbit, but I have plans to Direct Re-Entry like Appolo-Style, Controlled Ballistic Reentry.

I have Tried It from Kerbin Stationary Orbit, Wirh 3 Drag and 3 Mains, Drags get it slow, but very high altitude, I'm planning such Entry from Minimus, with 1 Drag and 3 mains and after a long atmospheric flight at low angle. Can someone help me calculating the Speed Before Re-entry, AP is 50,000,000 M. Plz. I have Launched such first mission and is enrouted to Minimus, Plz.

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The speed at 70 Km, from Ap of 50,000,000 KM or the Formula
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Thanks, but a Ballsitic Entry from stationary orbit is 3000M/sec. And From Mün its 4000M/sec, I know so far, I want spped from a Ap beyond Minimus Orbit.

On 5/9/2017 at 7:03 PM, bewing said:

Speed at reentry from the Mun or Minmus is about 3100 m/s.



On 5/9/2017 at 7:32 PM, Crispynaut said:

I found that return from Mun, manoeuvre such that your periapsis is between 35-40km and you will survive re-entry. 

Thanks, I had survived a Direct low Angle about 10-20° Re-Entry from Mun directly Ending on KSC. But after 3 failures, Main problem is Parachute Deployment. Faster you go, Longer you Slow , And Parachute no longer Ensure Safety.

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You must be using a mod, then. Because those numbers are incorrect for stock.

In any case, the number from beyond Minmus is only a small amount larger than the number from the Mun. It takes very little deltaV to get from the Mun to Minmus, and that is the only extra that you need to scrub off again when returning from Minmus, rather than the Mun.


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