Any luck with Goddard problem solvers?

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Hello everyone,


I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching for a Goddard problem solver which could be used for KSP RSS. Sadly, both POST and OTIS are under ITAR, Quickshot apparently costs a fortune...

However, I did find 2 programs which could be used. It's just that I'm a wee bit too inept to make them work :(


First I tried using ZOOM - it looks very promising (even the Falcon 9 launch & landing are simulated in one of the default scenarios!), but I can't for the life of me figure out why this happens:


Does anyone know why?


After that failure, I searched some more and found OpenGoddard - however, I appear to be far too dumb to code a program which would make use of this Python module.


Has anybody found some other Goddard problem solvers?

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It's calculating the propellant load by the stage volume. Can you adjust that?

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As far as I know, it does not appear to be adjustable... The whole sizing process appears very cryptic to me.

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