Mods and Making History?

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Reading the devnotes and seeing bits about how some low level functions are being worked on to allow making history to deal with objectives and placing vessels onto surfaces and such...  got me wondering -  is Making History going to include changes to any of the API DLLs that mods typically compile against?  

If so - will there be a general stock update that rolls out a 'Making History capable' set of DLLs, and then you'll either get the DLC and USE the new features, or you won't?  

I ask because if it means there will be two sets of Assembly C# and Unity Engine DLLs in the wild at the same time - every plugin mod would then need a Stock and a Making History build...  and that seems like it might well cause some major headaches?

Has this been given thought yet?

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They've confirmed that at least the new texture/mesh switching code will be added to the stock game but only used by Squad parts from the dlc. For other code, it's up in the air but a reasonable number of people on the dev team are modders themselves and would probably like to avoid needing separate builds so I'd assume they'd put stuff into the stock code.

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