[WIP] UranianBlue's (Interstellar) Planet Pack

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I've been working on a new project for a while. The mod, which currently adds in 3 exoplanets, 4 moons, and another star, is currently in progress; I probably won't release it for another month. Currently, I have not made any biome maps and there is only one star system (Delta Cyclonus). The completion of the Delta Cyclonus system is expected sometime in early October, but again, the mod will only be released once I have completed the second star system.

Another feature of this mod will be some new parts that will improve your robotic exploration of space: a camera, an ultraviolet spectrometer, and a magnetometer.

For those of you who can't wait another month for the release of the planet pack, here are a few peeks at what is all ready completed. Note that eve support has been completed, and I have started working on the optional cloud mod for this planet pack. If you download the mod a month from now, you have to install eve and the optional cloud mod in order to get the clouds, auroras etc. seen in the pictures.

Magmus (Venus analog)


Qwerty (Ringed Terra)


Segway (Moon of Qwerty)


Arval (Moon of Qwerty)


Yirga (Cold Exo-Jool)


Weltron (Moon of Yirga)


Oblon (Moon of Yirga)


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So far, all the planets look pretty cool, especially Yirga. Good luck with the development.

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I'm open for experiment definitions and suggestions for exoplanets for those of you who wish to contribute.

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I have begun working on a new part module that will enable an autopiloted landing on most celestial bodies. The module, called "LunarAutoPilot", points the ship at its retrograde vector, and keeps the velocity at a given value. Right now, the module has been added to the camera part; however, I will made a dedicated part for the autopilot module. Here is a video showing the progress given so far:


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