Originally written by @Crzyrndm, he is not active and gave permission for me to continue this.  Original thread is here:  https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/93955-130-filter-extensions-304-jul-11/   With the stock editor now supporting custom filters in a reasonable way, creating more and better filters is the next logical step. However, the requirement for categories to be managed via code is just a terrible idea. Not to mention that there is no easy way to be compatible with anyone else. Filter Extensions allows the usage of .cfg files to create, edit, or delete all categories and sub-categories. It uses standard config files allowing for patches to be applied and dependencies allowed for using Module Manager. Availability Source:     https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/FilterExtension Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/1972/Filter Extensions Available via CKAN License:
Icons and configs distributed with FE are under CC-BY-SA 4.0
Plugin is covered by GPLv3.
  Configs and Icons Configs and icons contributed by users are distributed with the download. Think something is missing and you can fill the gap? Just send the cfg's or icons my way  Docs are in the Filter Extensions Wiki   Some additional explanation of the cfg structure   Using Near Future Propulsion's Argon Gas resource as an example To remove a subcategory that you don't want to show, only specify the category (Filter by /*Insert here*/) and the title shown ingame for the offending subcategory SUBCATEGORY { category = Filter by Resource oldTitle = Argon Gas }   To change the icon and title displayed, use the keys title and icon. SUBCATEGORY { category = Filter by Resource title = Wheels oldTitle = Argon Gas icon = R&D_node_icon_fieldscience } Acknowledgements
stupid_chris through RealChute which I originally used as a template. Getting started would have been much more difficult without that reference.
Nertea for the idea of the icon auto-loader
KaiserSoze - Adapting many icons, sharing configs, and reporting bugs Mod icons are mostly adaptions of: Part Catalog icons - originally by BlackNecro Flags, manufacturer icons, and toolbar icons included with a mod. You can find links to the mods for all included icons here To everyone that has contributed icons and/or cfg's to make others life easier - Your generosity is sincerely appreciated Reporting Bugs There are two types of bugs, so depending on what your problem is, there are different steps you may need to follow Exceptions: Red text in the alt+f2 log, functionality breaks down completely, etc.
I need the information specified here Functional issues: If the log shows no errors, then I need The config you were trying to use The mod that this applies to A description of the expected behaviour A description of the behaviour experienced