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Problems with Launching Vessels


"Okay, it's not necessarily launching a vessel.

It started happening yesterday, requiring frequent restarts of the game (with which my mod list, it's about 15 minutes), and has gotten consistently worse to the point that at the end of day i can only change scenes twice before the entire game breaks down. If I'm in flight, I can't recover the vessel or go to the space center or even go to the main menu - not even quick save or load. If I'm on an EVA, I can have -5 flags... If it's at the space center, since it is a sandbox save, I can only access the astronaut complex, but as soon as I do all of my astronauts (thankfully unsaved) lose their experience. If I'm in an editor, I can do things like modify the vessel, scrap it, and load them, but I cannot save the vessel, launch, or quit. it just does nothing. The KSP.log and the console say: "[ERR 21:14:34.298] PartLoader: Encountered exception during compilation. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at PartLoader.ReplaceTextures (UnityEngine.GameObject model, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 textureNames, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 newTextures) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0" but of course I shall provide the full log.

It's terrible. It's definately a mod conflict somewhere, and all of my mods are up to date save for Kerbal Engineer. I've verified the cache, rebooted, reinstalled even, started a completely fresh, blank new slate of a save and literally nothing has work. No possible solution I have found anywhere regarding this issue has worked.


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so I didn't want this to go un-responded to.but I don't have this experience, and I couldn't view the private dropbox log(a service I don't use). but I would suggest only that 1 mod manager is needed

and if wild blue industries (I couldn't find it in the mods section) is a planet pack and you are on 1.4 then I might test without that mod. I do use most of mods you have listed.

sorry I cannot provide more.

Hope this helps


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As he mentioned, this is his mod folder that he holds his mod in. Not his actual gamedata folder.

The dropbox link looks incorrect. You need to open dropbox on your computer. Right click on the file you want to link, and do a copy link. Then post that link. It should look something like this made up one https://db.tt/EHROSfJdS (Not a real link). It looks like you copied from the address bar at the top of your screen.

For the error, its probably a mod conflict since it started recently. One thing I do minimize this issue, is make a backup copy of my KSP with mods. So when I do a bunch of upgrades at once, if I have issues. I can fall back to a known good version. Then add one mod at a time till the issue reappears. With a 15min loadtime that can take some time. Compared to it being broken though, might be a time saver.

I hope you can post your log so we can look it over.

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