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Make TweakScale and B9PartSwtich standard add-ons or bake them in...

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I recently discovered TweakScale - in addition to the other mods I'm using - and it got me wondering, why not just make TweakScale a standard? The mods I'm using have different kinds of containers that come in different sizes cluttering up the parts catalog.

CCK helps a lot sorting them out by mod. But wouldn't it be simpler if the modders just create 1 part that we can customize the size via TweakScale; and markings via B9PartSwitch? For example, SSPXR lets me change the container type and the decals on the container changes to reflect the contents.

I understand that TweakScale is not a global solution. For example, using it on command pods doesn't make sense. I don't do it, but I'm glad I can make a Tardis-like cockpit if I want to :) But for tanks, containers, decouplers, stack separators, etc., I think that it makes absolute sense.

Hopefully, less clutter on the parts list translates to less work for modders.

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I think neither should be standard.

B9 is a pretty janky set of game hacks; I find the variants management that KSP 1.4 brought much better. I'm really sad SO MANY mods still have a B9 dependency, worse even if they use the ungodly Interstellar Fuel Switch mod on top of that. Suddenly you have three "dimensions" to switch parts through, but each only uses one or two of these.

Tweakscale... I would rather see procedural fuel tanks and trusses, but not procedurally scaled "everything".

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