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tylo delta v question in alternis kerbol

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what is the delta v needed to get to, land using the atmosphere on super tylo, take off from, and circularize after taking off? i didnt say circularize before taking off coz gravity assists save the day :P 


oh and is oxygen included in tylo's atmosphere?

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You might have better luck asking this in the mod's own thread:

Searching for "delta" within that thread gives a post that includes a link to a calculator site, but it assumes you're already in orbit and only calculates the delta V for transfers, so not much help. Still, the users (and author) of the mod are more likely to have the knowledge you're seeking. 

p.s. if you ever work out how to circularise before takeoff, apply for a patent. Most vehicles have great difficulty passing through all that rock... :sticktongue:

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