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Duna Plasma Shuttle.

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The Duna Plasma Shuttle is a stock 7 Ion engine spaceplane cosisting out of 62 parts and can carry 3 kerbals to orbit 3 times with spare fuel to navigate to landing sites.
It can also function as a shuttle between Duna and Ike.
It uses no control surfaces but has a larger reaction wheel for control. Works with SAS and Mechjeb.

Use action group 1 to activate the fuel cells.
Can Aerobrake with 90° degrees pitch.
Can gather a lot of speed on the ground and steers and bumps into the terrain cleanly.
Comes with a front mounted light to see the ground when landing in the dark.

To get into the vehicle stand next to the fairing, pan the camera inside and right click to enter the seat.
The seats are positioned in such a way that the kerbal is jetissoned outside the fairing.
Pan into the Kerbal very closely in order to right click him/her.
In space they will catapult slightly. Make sure you have some reserve of EVA fuel when willing to enter another vessel.

To refuel have a Xenon fuel deposit on the ground with a claw at surface height and ride into it. Or have one in space :)


Requires Making history.



Kerbals inside the fairing.




Tell me if there are any bugs or complaints so I can improve the vessel.


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