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Low fps Astronomers visual pack


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TL;DR: Usually checking for background processes can help, and having a ton of things downloaded but not being used can have drawbacks.


Astronomers Visual pack does really eat at RAM and CPU, but because you have basically the same specs as me, and I can run at 80 FPS on max resolution and graphics with AVP, I can't see your direct problem coinciding with KSP. 

Diagnosis: Completely resetting your PC to factory standards, or just regularly resetting it and deleting all files, really helps. If you don't want to do that, download CCleaner and get rid of all the junk on your PC with that. Furthermore, delete any unused games or applications you have and don't use. 

If none of this helps, please try resetting your PC as stated above and see what happens. If the problem isn't resolved, I'm afraid something might be wrong with your motherboard or CPU perhaps, and you should go on a more advanced support forum.

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