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The Leif Erickson program(Mission Plan)

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The goal of the Lief Erickson program is to establish a permanent Kerballed Outpost on Duna

The Mission will consist of four main missions

Stage 1: support Infrastructure

The first mission will be the launching of an unmanned refueling depot into orbit of Kerbin:



This will allow the crew transfer craft (which will be launched later) to remain in service for virtually forever. 

The second phase of Stage 1 is to launch a communication network into orbit of Duna and Ike. The mission will contain four of these satellites. 




Stage 2:  Crew 

The First crew will be sent in small space station complete with an artificial gravity ring and a fish tank to feed the crew of 7.



The next mission will launch the Standard Crew Transfer Vehicle (SCTV) which will enable crews to transfer from LKO to LDO thus allowing replacement crews to be sent quickly. The design incorporates a nuclear reactor and three magneto-plasmatic engines for high efficiency space travel.



Stage 3: The base 


The final step will to place this base on Duna. it has a hydroponics garden, crew capacity of seven and is fully mobile with a full science kit, designed to host a crew comfortably for long duration missions. The crews will first train and get used to Duna's gravity in the space station before reliving the rover crew when their mission time has expired. 



The next phase of stage 3 is the launch of the Duna System Shuttle (DSS) to allow crew to transfer from the surface of Duna to orbit. It is equipped with drills and an ISRU to allow to make fuel wherever it is. 


It will also include a modified com sat during its mission to scout for ore veins. it has an HAL thruster to enable it to travel anywhere in the Duna system without refueling





So that's it for now. Please stand by for the next post where I show you the actual launching of all the hardware. This is my first forum post ever so please don't go to hard on me. 

Also this is the first time I have ever showed off my designs so please, tell me what you think!


(mods used are NFT for anyone wondering)


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