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USI Logistics - Supplies not being scavenged

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I can't figure out why these supplies aren't transferring. I set the Homeworld radius to 0 so that even Kerbals on Kerbin would need supplies. That part is working (as the four in this test base are all starving). I'm using USI Life Support and USI Core (for the logistics containers), and of course then USI Tools as well.

The base has a logistics container with 0 supplies. I created a rover and put a logistics container on there with 600 supplies. The UI indicates "0 vessels sharing within 150m" but the rover is all of 2m away. Even after a full day of time warp, nothing is transferring.

A picture (or two) is worth a thousand words:

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For anyone else struggling with this, I figured it out. It turns out this functionality isn't part of USI Core. I made (what I thought was a logical) assumption that since USI Core included all the Kontainers that it would also include a basic implementation of Scavenging - so that you could resupply Life Support without all that cumbersome connecting of vessels on the surface. My assumption was wrong.

Logistics and Scavenging require the full MKS mod.

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