Planet X (Another game I'm making)

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Hello there!

So just like my thread for The Deer, I thought it might also not be a bad idea, being the KSP forums, to post a thread about my other game I'm working on.


Quick synopsis:

The year is 2029, NASA has established a Moon Colony and has sent 2 manned missions to Mars in preparation of establishing a Mars colony in 2031. Tomine Reyes is sent on the third mission with 3 other astronauts to Mars when an anomaly regarding an unknown celestial body causes her and her crew to end up stranded on this strange world.
In Planet X, Tomine and her crew must work together to find a way off this world and back to Earth. Play through a branching story with multiple endings based on your choices. Planet X also features levels ranging from urban cities to barren deserts in which the player will have to survive, solve puzzles, and find a way home any means possible.



This game is extremely early in development but I thought some of the KSP community would be more interested in Planet X as opposed to my other game, The Deer, as this game is more space themed and stuff.

Biweekly devlogs are also a thing for this game and will continue later in August as I will be out of state doing volunteer work.

Read the latest one here which talks about the astronaut model and third person controller: https://dododigitalgame.com/blog/planet-x-devlog-2

There is also a discord channel for anyone who is interested: https://discord.gg/CD9jwKx

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Posted (edited)

That lander Looks SOOO close to a ksp lander, I love it


Or at least it looks close to a modded ksp lander



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