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Docking bugs

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Hello KSP community,

I am bored with a very annoying bug.

I build a ship with a hinge (or jacks) and hang a mooring port at the end.
I launch my ship on the launch pad and with another ship I arrive at the quay, so far no problem.
When I separate the two ships, the ship bug with the parts of the robotic. The actuator or the hinge moves but not the structure or the docking port as if it had remained frozen.

I specify that I play without mods with the two DLC, all in the last versions.

Do you have any solutions to counter this problem?

Sorry for my English, Google has translated my French.

thank you in advance

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I'm afraid some details might be lost in translation, so I repeat what I think your problem is. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

So you launch two different ships, one of them has a docking port at the end of a robotic part, e.g. a hinge. You dock both vessels in space, and then undock them again. Up to here everything worked fine, the two vessels undocked and nothing broke.(*) But then when you try to move the robotic part the part doesn't move? Or the part tries to move but it cannot move the attached structure?

Do you have autostruts activated on any of the parts? Can you post a screenshot with the PAW (the "right-click window") of the robotic part and the attached docking port?

P.S. If you post an English version directly from Google translate, then I suggest that you also post the French original. (Yes, post both!) There are many who understand French even if they cannot write it. (I don't, but I believe others so.)
P.P.S. (*)One common problem with the combination of robotic parts and docking ports is that after docking the two docked-together vessels start shaking. Sometimes so much that the break into pieces. But AFAIK this mostly affects rovers and other craft on the ground.

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Hello AHHans,

FR versions :

Tu as bien compris mon problème et non pas de destruction de vaisseau.
Une vidéo est mieux qu'un long discours alors je viens de prendre une vidéo de mon problème :

Vous remarquerais que la Docking port réagi comme si elle était encore arrimer aux vaisseau.
J'ai bien sur tenter de réinstaller le jeu et j'ai tester en mode bac a sable c'est pareil.

Encore merci.

EN version by Google Translate :

You understood my problem and not of destruction of ship.
A video is better than a long speech so I just took a video of my problem:

You would notice that the Docking port reacted as if it were still docked with the vessels.
I of course try to reinstall the game and I test in sandbox mode it's the same.

Thanks again.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, ReactionWings said:

A video is better than a long speech so I just took a video of my problem:

O.K. That is strange! I haven't seen that before. I have done essentially the same on some of my craft and I didn't have this problem.

My suggestion is to report this in the Technical Support (PC, unmodded installs) subforum.

[Edit:] I just tried this again on my system, and here it works fine.


Edited by AHHans

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EN version by Google Translate :

Arf, I thought it was everyone's home :( !!
I reinstall the game and I try again without my backup and I have the same problem.
It must be a conflict with a program on my pc, I will try to search there.
And I will eventually post in the category that you advise me.

Again thank you for your return and for testing at home.

FR version :

Arf, moi qui pensais que c'était chez tout le monde :( !!
J'ai réinstaller le jeu et j'ai réessayer sans ma sauvegarde et j'ai le même problème.
Ça doit être un conflit avec un programme sur mon pc, je vais essayer de chercher par là.
Et je vais éventuellement poster dans la catégorie que tu m'a conseiller.

Encore merci pour ton retour et d'avoir tester chez toi.

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