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Missing RnD building


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Are you really using 381 mods!? That's going to make it difficult to narrow it down.

It would help to have some screenshots to see what's actually happening- is the R&D department of KSC missing? What KSP version are you using (I'm guessing 1.8.1 based on some mod versions) and are all your mods up to date (I'm guessing you use CKAN otherwise that list would have taken hours to create :confused:)? Are there any error messages in the logs, either in the KSP.txt log file inside your KSP directory or (for windows) C/Users/you/appdata/locallow/squad/ksp/player.txt (or output_log.txt in the same folder)? It might be hard to find the relevant errors with so many mods in there and since it isn't crashing the game they won't be at the end either, so try searching for ERR or EXC to find error messages.

Try cloning your KSP through CKAN (or better, a completely stock version as it'll be substantially quicker without ~400 mods to go through), clear all mods, then load KSP with ONLY kerbinside and kerbal konstructs and their dependencies installed to see if that causes the same issue. If not add in anything else that also uses kerbal konstructs until you can reproduce it; if that still doesn't work try loading your save game and if the bug happens then, your save game is corrupted somehow.


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I done it Kerbin Side with KK works fine,with that collosal modpack i miss is RnD building and button related to it from Kerbal Space Center.

99% of mods are planets and parts

MY KSC after my pack with kerbin side load



my Ksp log

Like its not enough disasters now everytime when i launch new campaign game start with upgraded facilities

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That link for the log doesn't work for me, I get a 403 error.

Does removing either KK or Kerbinside from the total list of mods cause R&D to reappear? They might not actually be involved at all.

This may require a lot of spreadsheet wrangling...

Start by removing all of one type of mod e.g. all your planet packs. If the problem persists, those mods aren't causing the problem and can be removed from the list of suspects (don't reinstall them!); if the problem stops, those mods should be put on a new list because you know at least one of them is causing the problem. Keep trying for each different category e.g. parts packs, flight tools, contract packs etc. and you should end up with a noticeably shorter list to work with. 

By this point you should have a shorter list of mods which are still causing the missing R&D building. Find every mod that's auto-installed as a dependency and try it with just those (plus KK and/or kerbinside if they're definitely involved) so you know either way if they're involved.

Split your list of suspect mods in half (it doesn't really matter how- alphabetically, every second one, whatever), add the first half and see if the R&D building is there: if the building is still there try the other half; if it isn't then you've eliminated half the list in one go, now split the remaining list in half again and repeat the process until you find the mods responsible.

If neither half makes it disappear, it's a problem with mod interactions. Add all the suspects back in and work backwards by removing smaller numbers of mods until you find what's causing the problem. With so many mods the load times could be horrendous, but I reckon if you're using that many mods to begin with then you've got a pretty potent PC and it can handle it. It will be a time-consuming process to go through methodically and track down the problem, but in the end you'll know exactly what mod(s) are causing the issue and can decide if you want to remove it/them and you'll also know which mod thread(s) to post in about the issue so someone can try to fix it.

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