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EVE/Scatterer Cloud integration issues on reparenting Kerbin


Hi there,

I'm currently working on a mod which reparents Kerbin to a new solar system which orbits a star which orbits a black hole which in turn orbits the stock sun. However, upon creating EVE and Scatterer Configs i have found that when I run both I get black EVE Details on every body. I have fiddled around with settings, my scatterer is set to follow the new star and my configs all run okay when I play with just the stock system, but seem to give these black details on every planet when i run both the scatterer and EVE. I can run just the EVE config and find that detail colours are normal, but whenever I run both the scatterer and EVE config I get these horrible looking black clouds. I've been stuck with this problem for several months and am really stuck in development of my mod. Any help would be really appricated as i have asked many other mod developers and scoured numerous forum posts for a solution.

https://imgur.com/sLa32XC sLa32XC.png

Here's the logs


I'm running version of ksp with both DLCs at versions 1.7.1 breaking ground and 1.2.0 making history

I'm running the latest versions of both EVE and Scatterer (for 1.7.x), at 1.7.3-0 and 0.0540 respectively

Thanks in advance. I hope I've provided enough information


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