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A Strange Sun, But Familiar Neighbours (6.4 Scale GPP)


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So, hi.

I was partially inspired to do this by CatastrophicFailure's Alien Skies, as this will also be heavily dependent on a 6.4 scale GPP system with the space centre being transported there suddenly. No Rald, though. Also not using any kind of mod to boost engine or tank stats or rebalance them closer to real world values, though it would be more interesting that way. (also painful, but i'll find a way to do it. Maybe. How the hell am I gonna get to orbit from the surface of Tellumo?)

This is going to be somewhat of a hybrid between a career game and a proper developed story. Though its not much of a career, seeing as im not really caring about funds that much, so it's probably more like a science playthrough with hints of career. I'm deciding what i launch to try to follow a progression of them gaining resources and gaining interest in space travel, though at the start its going to be a lot of planes. (and boats, maybe vehicles, stationary structures.)

(Bit of a note on this, its actually turned into more of a story first with a bit of career.)

The install is very heavily modded, with an emphasis on mks, civilian population and nertea's mods to be able to make the bases i want and to make them self-sustaining.

The future goal is for these 3 starting clans/factions to become the political entities in the Ciro system, with them breaking up to form more groups along the way. It's a good way to build up politicking for later.

Also trying to go for something inbetween serious and humorous, as although i do want a good amount of the typical Kerbal flair, i'm gonna be attempting to keep an eye on it so that it doesn't veer to much in that direction.

This first chapter is maybe more serious than future ones though, i blame listening to the Nier ost while writing it.

p.s. This is my first time doing this and i am quite nervous.


Chapter Index:

Chapter 1 (You are here)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

First Gelnian Interlude

Chapter 4 (WIP)


Day Zero After Event (A.E)

0 Hours Since Transference


The sky turned a brilliant unending white, and they were no longer in the Kerbol system.

Many who had been looking outside at the moment of it were left partially blind for hours after, but they were lucky.

Everyone who had been outside at the time of the event had been lit on fire, with the worst cases being near to the edge of the transported area surrounding the complex. One especially gruesome case had been right on the edge of the sphere, and only half of him came with them. It's a small comfort that he likely died instantly, unlike much of the rest.

By the end of the first hour, half of the population had hidden themselves in their homes on the r&d/astronaut complexes, while much of the rest had set up a makeshift hospital in the tracking station, which was nearest to the majority of casualties. By sunrise the death toll was 34, with 41 wounded to varying degrees, 10 of those being relatively minor.


2 Hours Since Transference, Inter-Clan Emergency Meeting in the Administration Building


Amelia (Gaelan Clan Leader): Food and water shouldn't a priority Nataphe. We have enough edibles stuffed in the runway hangar to last us 3 whole Kerbin years, and plenty of rainwater collectors spread around the base, we have enough time to figure out farming in the meantime.

Nataphe (Gale'n Clan Leader): But we know almost nothing about this planet! I mean we can breathe, sure, but we don't know if we can eat the plants here, if our plants will even grow in the soil, if something in the water will slowly kill us from the inside!

Ribzon (Geln Clan Leader): She's right you know, even if she's panicking.

Nataphe glares at him.

Amelia: Some soil from Kerbin did come with us though, everything within the sphere.

Ribzon: Is that even enough to feed everyone? We are talking about more than 400 people here.

Amelia: (Picks up calculator) Assuming a Kerbal eats… The circumference of the sphere at ground level taking out the buildings… No… Not, not quite.

Nataphe gets up from her seat and starts walking out.

Nataphe: That settles it! I'm going to the hangar and plopping a bunch of sensors on that old rc prop plane to prepare it for scouting the area. Maybe Ahwayu can get the old hunk of junk to fly.

The door slams shut.

Amelia: I'll talk with some people about starting soil/water testing and starting farming in the ground that came with us, you gonna go back to the tracking hospital?

Ribzon: Yes, I'll see you at the next meeting.


5 Hours Since Transference



The drone craft had been fuelled and was sitting outside the hangar, Ahwayu preparing to start it up.


The plan for the flight included three goals.

Getting temperature and pressure measurements.

Using the mystery goo to catch water vapour in a more efficient way than on the ground, then testing the goo's reaction to it to see if rainwater was ok to drink.

And finally, taking an aerial map of the surrounding area.



As Ahwayu piloted the drone higher and higher, she noticed something felt very... off, with the images she was getting from the cameras, but couldn't quite put her finger on what until she landed the craft.



6 Hours Since Transference


The clans had always tried to work together after their exile from their homelands to the land around the rundown space centre, but cooperation was at an all-time high after the event.

The Gale'n clan had sacrificed large parts of the tracking station building to make a hospital for those injured and the housing in the astronaut complex and some of the r&d buildings had become more mixed.

Amelia Gaelan had been appointed the head of public speaking on top of her other jobs, making her in charge of calming everyone down. She had spent the past hour trying to put together a conference to announce a plan for the future to everyone as a way to mollify their fears, which going by the mumbling and conversation in the r&d courtyard, was definitely needed.

The sun had taken much longer to rise than expected after all.

Ahwayu Gale'n stood behind her on the podium, having discovered something monumental in her test flight just before, something that said that it wasn't just that this planet spun slower than Kerbin.

Amelia Gaelan: Everyone! Everyone quiet down.

The cacophony  of voices stilled.

Amelia Gaelan: We have confirmed the water is safe to drink! The prohibition on drinking new rainwater is officially lifted!

There are shouts of joy in the crowd, with the overwhelming sense of doom clouding over them lessening greatly. Even if it had only lasted 3 hours, it had made everyone panic, and could have been handled alot better than it was.

Amelia Gaelan: The food rationing will continue for the next few months, I am sad to announce, but we have confirmed the soil is workable for our crops and we will start to rebuild our farms soon, so no-one will starve. Now, I would like to pass the mic to Ahwayu Gale'n, who has discovered something else in her survey flight.

She walks up to the podium replacing Amelia, and begins to speak.

Ahwayu Gale'n: Uhm, hello. As I flew the survey drone higher and higher, the horizon didn't seem right, too far away. I know how far away a horizon is, I would be a horrible pilot if I didn't, and it was definitely not where it should have been. So I gave this idea to Amelia, and after some calculations, she's estimated that this planet could be anywhere from 4 to 7 times bigger than Kerbin.

The crowd collectively gasped.

End Chapter 1.


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Day 54 After Event (A.E)



18 hour days are so strange, compared to the six we used to have. It feels like you have so much more space to do things in, even if the actual time passing is the same. We used to sleep for 2 hours for every 4, now It's 6 for every 12.

Definitely isn't bad, just skews your sense of time.

We've settled in now, mostly.

The research area of the old base has been expanded upon with new buildings after they found a few mineral deposits nearby on the hilly coasts nearby, and along with some good construction materials, it allowed us to properly sort out the research/housing mess for now. It's a temporary solution.

Amelia is going off to help that research whenever she's not caught up in clan management, and Ribzon is… well… Ribzon.

Really pushes my buttons he does. But what can you do?

He and most of the rest of Geln are starting to work on some sort of steamboat to head for greener pastures over to the east. Which doesn't surprise me, as Geln in general has always been the least comfortable sharing space with us from since before the event, they say they feel like the third wheel, wanna strike off on their own.

Which I understand, even if I really don't like it, really feel like we need to stick together in these times.


Day 59 After Event (A.E)


This rock finally has a name. Only took us almost half of an old Kerbin year.

Amelia proposed "Gael" as a sort of joke, but I liked it, cause even if it was taken right from the name of her clan, it does just roll off the tongue in a way that fits.

Ribzon just sighed and said ok, I don't think he really cares about it that much. Probably hoping to leave sooner rather than later.

We put it to a vote, gathering everyone together, along with a few other suggestions for name that people came up with, and it won.

A toast to Gael!

Not that I have any wine. Ahh well, maybe we can set up some good old green wine vineyards in future.


Day 70 After Event (A.E)


The engineering team I set up in the hangar three weeks ago has paid off, they managed to cobble together enough parts to give me a working jet plane with an actual cockpit.

They did have to requisition a good amount of resources and manpower from Amelia's research crew to develop new wheels though, as the ones in storage were just crap. Spun themselves apart whenever they got near takeoff speed.

Ahwayu piloting the rc plane around has been ok for scouting around the home island and the surrounding mainland coasts, but I wanted something better that didn't have abysmal range and could rise above 4 klicks without stalling, as we aren't getting over those mountains otherwise.


Day 71 After Event (A.E)


Ahwayu neared the prototype on the runway, seeing Komaro inspecting the wheels.

Komaro: Ah, didn't see you there, was almost finished final checks.

Ahwayu: I just wanted to wish you luck. Though be careful will you? This is the first test flight for this. We don't wanna lose anyone else. (Salutes)

Komaro: I'll be fiiiiine.




Komaro's goal was fairly ambitious for a test flight, he wanted to rise high enough to fly over the volcano, and then land in a relatively flat area on its slopes to take some measurements and a surface sample.

He called it a volcano, but the research guys were only about 60 percent sure it was actually a volcano, as none of the drone flights had gotten high enough to take a proper look.



Was definitely looking a lot like a volcano from what he could see.



He was most definitely not fine.

It was looking mostly ok as he came in to land, if a bit fast, but just as he was braking he spun the craft out, destroyed the engines, and knocked a control surface off. Maybe the wheels needed more tuning after all.

He notified home base to be ready for a pickup on the coast of the volcano, and when he heard the radio crackle to announce his rescue, he cut the brakes.

His plan was to ride the slop down the volcano to pick up speed, gliding as well as he could without the left aileron, and make a controlled crash landing on the coast where the rescue team could pick him up.



It flew like a turtle, this particularly turtle was fairly nimble, but still a turtle. It would have to suffice. He had hoped that maybe it would glide better than he expected allowing him to just glide all the way to the home island, but that wasn't happening, he was falling to fast for that.





He had done it! Successfully landed a crippled plane. Could even see the rescue boat in the distance.

It would still take them several hours to tug the plane back to the island, but with the hull being watertight and buoyant the job wouldn’t be too difficult, just very time consuming. Hopefully the damage to the plane from being in the sea that long would minimal.

On the bright side, the trip wasn't all bad, he had managed to take his pictures of the volcano, get samples, measurements.

He really wanted that volcano to be dormant though.

End Chapter 2.


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Day 83 After Event (A.E)



I found out that I'd had gotten extremely lucky with my last flight, as not only were the wheels not quite up to snuff, but the engineering team had forgotten to think about the stall speed of the plane, or doing any work relating to thinking about how the hell the thing would land. The fact it landed even as well as it did is a miracle.

Nataphe chewed me out for being so reckless with my "stunt," even if it worked, and grounded me. I did manage to get a "maybe" on her letting me fly again at least once before our extremely limited fuel stores run out, but we'll see if that pans out.

The team who built the thing weren't so lucky. She was absolutely livid at them for nearly getting me killed and had had them disassemble it in short order, before making them redesign it from scratch. It might not have been entirely necessary, but she was angry enough that she wanted to beat them all unconscious through liberal application of a crowbar, so really, they got out ahead.


This time, they did the first flight with a probe stuffed in the pilot's chair and directly wired to the controls.



It did… better, though the clunky control setup of the probe made everyone quite uneasy when they tried to turn it around.


They gave it a proper fuselage instead of engine sticks, and made the wings as big as they could while still fitting out the hangar door. And I mean it, there was only a bit over a meter of clearance on both sides.

The unholy terror that Nataphe would have been if they'd failed again has been averted. Thank the Mun.

It touched down nice and soft the better part of an hour after takeoff to a small but jubilant crowd made mostly of the rest of Gale'n, though Amelia and a few Gaelan engineers who'd helped with the wheels last time were there too. We smashed a bottle of seawater against the side, as is tradition, and gave it the honourable name of "The Swift Pigeon".


Day 87 After Event (A.E)


With Komaro benched for the foreseeable future it was left to Ahwayu to do the flying. Sitting on the runway, she pulled out a rough map of the surrounding area that had been stuffed into the glove compartment a few hours earlier, rechecking her flight plan.

Excepting the previous test flights, the only surveys of Gael had so far been done only by boat and drone. With the drone needing direct connection that made it impossible to scout behind the mountains by going around them, and the boats all running off the same dwindling fuel supplies that the planes and vehicles use, actual exploration of the area had not been as complete as anyone would have liked.

Two brothers on the north of the island had started up some small boat building with easily available wood, but the boats they made were only really usable for fishing and as a heavily limited and time consuming cargo transport to and from the mainland. It hadn't helped the fuel situation that much.


(The white area is the current limit of territory explored via boat and drone.)


Ahwayu's current mission was to scan the more easily accessible areas past the mountains through the pass and southern plain for any signs of oil and fuel, which they planned to refine with the facilities at the space centre. Hopefully it would only be a few flights until she found something.


End Chapter 3.


(I switched to FAR, rendering the previous planes pretty much unflyable. Well, it flew, but it landed at 120 meters a second, which the runway protested quite violently at. (Read: It bounced and went kaboom))

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Day 82 After Event (A.E)

Ribzon's steam boat exodus plan had encountered an absolute motherload of problems. In theory, it was perfect, they could build a boat large enough to house all of the clan, using big waterwheels powered by burning coal to make it move, and give it big cargo hold to hold everything they needed.

In practice… it wasn't that easy.

They had made a smaller test craft to gain a measure for their tech before beginning to construct the main vessel, and when they finally tugged it out to sea for a test run, they encountered problems right away.


The wheels span up like planned, but when they hit the water it did nothing, no movement, nada.



And after sitting in the sea for a while, a large wave ripped one of the wheels off.


They brought it back in after that, gathering up the remaining pieces of the wheel and reassembling it, but also redoing the bolts to guarantee neither of them would get knocked off again.


Day 92 After Event (A.E)


Ten days later, they tugged it back out to sea to try to get the wheels to work again, but it went even worse than the first time. They started having problems regulating the temperature of the boiler, having to constantly adjust pieces and settings to keep it stable, which is when another particularly high wave chose to crash over the deck.



Making the boiler finally explode.


The cleanup was painfully slow, taking them days to fish everything out of the water again, with some of the precious parts having to be left behind on the seabed. Kerbals are hardy creatures though, so the only serious injury out of the incident was Wilry breaking both of his legs, which would heal given time.


End First Gelnian Interlude.


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