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Nerv Atomic Engine + Camera Bug - Can anyone help ?


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This is due to the setting "Show Aero Data in Action Menus", setting in the Alt-F12 menu.  And I guess why no matter how many mods(and I must have close on 100; 103 actually, just counted) I removed it was still happening(why do we always think to blame mods first?).

When it is enabled and aero data is shown on right-click this bug happens.

When it is disabled it does not.

Only Nuclear Engines are effected as far as I can see. 

I was doing a lot of drag experiments before and did not switch off the option; this is clearly unintended behviour and a bug.  This is how to work around it, just switch the drag info on when it is needed.  I did not see this bug happening in flight, so I am assuming this happens in the designer only, but be careful if :


It causes this bug.  Hope someone else is saved the trouble.

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UPDATE(there is more to the story now): 

I used the COL from the Correct COL mod and when I switched my COL on, the bug came straight back.  When I returned to stock COL the bug disappeared again.

This bug is somehow related to lift/drag calculations being done somewhere?  I have yet to fully pin the blame on Correct COL, I will try with it uninstalled and see what happens.

UPDATE: Removing CorrectCOL did NOT fix it; problem still occurs when I switch on "Show Aero Data in Action Menus"

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