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Upscaled KSP breaks planet terrain

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Regular KSP is just a bit too small for me, so I play an upscaled version (Galileo's 3.2x upscale - I tried a version compatible with 1.8.1 but it still had the same issue). The problem is that it breaks terrain colliders, specifically on the Mun. Whenever I try to land, one of two things happens.

My craft might instantly destroy itself a few meters above the visual surface, no matter how fast I'm going. The root part disappears first and then the rest of the craft destroys itself. On occasion I actually touch the surface but I end up going right through and my craft instantly explodes a few meters below the surface. I can't land on the Mun, and I don't want to get too invested in a save where I can't land on anything.

Has anyone else encountered this and is there a solution? 

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