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Military Aircraft Challenge (DLC and Mods Accepted- All Versions)

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The Challenge: Build a military aircraft that falls under one of the following categories and submit it in your post for the most points possible:

  • Fighter (Baseline, 5 points)
  • Bomber (Baseline, 5 points)
  • Transport (Baseline, 5 points)


How to submit:

Different submissions have different point bonuses. Choose one of the following ways to submit:

  • Cinematic (Showcase Video with soundtrack, +20 points)
  • Showcase Video (Show off your design in a video, +15 points)
  • Image Gallery with Stats (Have a series of images of your aircraft with its in-game stats, +10 Points)
  • Image with Stats (Have your favorite image of your design with its in-game stats, +5 Points)
  • Image/Image Gallery (+0 Points)

Additional Awards:

  • VTOL (+ 5 points)
  • Replica (Rebuild a real aircraft, +10 Points)
  • Custom Aircraft (Make it your own design, +10 Points)
  • Customized (Use custom made flags as details, +20 Points)
  • EJECT! (Include an ejector seat, +10 Points)

Skill points for complexity, beauty, and low part count will be awarded.


If you are skilled in making badges and would like to make some for this challenge, please let me know via private message (so we don't clutter the challenge thread).


  1. (Insert Username), (Insert Aircraft Name), (Insert Number of Points)


If you are interested in partaking in this challenge, post that you are interested in joining in the 'reply' box.

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I'm interested!  I have a (mostly) replica F15C/E/EX I built for BD Armory and have since modified it into a "Clean" version for space agency use!  Should I include all variants in a gallery or what?  I also have a 45 min video of attempting to fly underneath the R+D pedestrian bridge then going to the Island airfield for stunts.

2 minutes ago, chadgaskerman said:

I'd  need to get my editing hat in but i have a repertoire of military style craft.

you can take a look here https://kerbalx.com/hangars/116730 

I saw your Xi'an and now really want to make a Blackfish!  I might even put it on Laythe once the 1.11 update comes around.

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29 minutes ago, NH04 said:

Please do! The more, the merrier!

I currently have an autopilot test running in the background while I take some notes for uni, but once I'm done, I will definitely have fun with my screenshots

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