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Parts disappearing when placed



Not sure if this should be in modded or unmodded as this is a problem with stock parts but I have a lot of mods so that may be the cause.

So my problem is when I attempt to place certain parts on my spacecraft in the VAB/SPH the part just disappears but when I try to place another part where I wanted to put that part it doesn't click on and I also stop being able to pick up other parts.

The parts I can confirm this happening with are the  1.875 command pod, the 1.875 fairing and the SEC-9 container module.
I don't really know how to word this so I recorded it and a video of it happening is here: https://imgur.com/a/yJxhC58

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That's happening to me too, but with any part attached to a multi-coupler or engine plate. I have a feeling it may be ClickThroughBlocker or Toolbar Control because I also have those mods on my KSP 1.12 install.

Edit: I tried removing both mods but that did not work. It only seems to occur with stock parts, because modded parts work perfectly fine.


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I wast testing the glitch and found something
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