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Solar Power Mods

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What are the mods most people use for solar power?

Which combination is honestly the best?

I've been swapping between most of them, and they all have their bugs. I'm just curious which combination of solar addons most people use, that they like.


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I recommend Dynasat (http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/10224-0-15-Parts-Dynasat-Satellites-and-Solar-Panels-new-parts%21-%28rel-0-6%29-Jun-11), it uses the same electricity plugin (Electrical Energy) and has retractable folding solar panels that turn toward the sun! Also features nice-looking batteries and ion engines. And satellites.

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Ah! I've been doing some extensive experimentation over the past couple of days, and I was in your same exact position when I started! The core mods you'll want to consider are zKreuzung's Electircal Energy plugin, and Powertech (and associated powertech_mumech). loo's EPS is another option, but it isn't widely accepted and I've found it merely complicated things (it tries to absolve the competing standards by creating... another one...).

Assuming you've got those down, what daksh mentioned is a great start- dynasat gives you animated 2 sets of animated solar panels, batteries, and an ion engine that are very nice. If you're looking for variety then kosmos's collections (space station parts pack 4) have an extensive array of different sizes and types (I believe there are 7 different ones in total!). Then of course you have MMI's regular solar panels, from their satellite pack, compact and nicely done. Download comes with external tanks/batteries and ion engine. I personally think they're a little overpowered, but if you'd like to edit the cfg then they can become balanced and stylish pieces.

All of these are well done, animated, and wil track the sun when everything is correctly installed.

If you're looking for other panels, check out the deep space missions pack for purely aesthic panels (excepting one that provides energy, but without any tracking/animation capabilities), or the original parts for EEP, Zoxygen if you can figure out the plugin entanglement (I think you need three different plugins? I don't even/). Hope this helps!

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