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HOCgaming's THAT'S NO MOON! Base - Craft Submission Thread

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@TheFod: Do you realize that the shuttle is not going to return to Kerbin (or any place with atmosphere), so there is no point in it being SSTO or even a plane?

I wouldn't rag on that submission, if it really can do a mun landing and return as an SSTO, I think it would be the best submission yet. It would be completely multipurpose at that point, able to visit the ISSS and the Mun base easily, ferrying Kerbals everywhere. It may be worth the obscene part count and tonnage. He just needs to list the tonnage and part count to make it a legit submission. I think it'd be really cool if Harv chose that one.

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BrilliantWhale Starliners presents!

The first of many Brilliant Designs!

Introducing, the MK-1 EDAP (External Deployable Activity Pod). A medium weight surface-space relay-able, 4 Kerman craft, complete with several docking ports of both Jr and Normal size. Weighing in at 28 tons and numbering 109 parts (complete with SAS and ASAS), this beauty will bring small supplies and crew from most any celestial body to orbit.





Brilliant Warning: Do not land near water, in the event of water landing Brilliant Whale Starliners is not responsible for damages or injuries. Do not expose to landings in excess of 200 m/s. Warranty void if non-planer orbit is achieved. Do not open panels at the bottom of the vessel.


Edited by BrilliantWhale

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hey Harv, after some experimentation ive come up with what (to me) looks like the Magic School Bus. and its just as effective.

its a bus type VTOL for up to 5 kerbals + any you can have hanging off the side as well.

this beast can orbit and de-orbit by itself up to two times before needing a refuel.

this puppy sports a front and bottom regular docking port, and a Jr on the tail end between the engines.

edit* replaced the capped docking port on the front with a regular one for ease of launch.*

Name: The Munar Shuttle


other screens: (landing using the VTOL boosters.) (the Jr docking port on the back, comes with a reversed Pod for easy docking.) (closeup of the unmanned pod controller in the back.) (getting up to and down from the top pods is a breeze) (underside closeup of the docking port fitted to be balanced when docked. with VTOL can launch from munar surface to skycrane docking port.)


Weight: (w/o counterweight) 39.42

--------(w/ counterweight) 41.87 (i know.. it goes over, but what can i do eh? the underside docking port lends itself as a possible launching position if the counterweight is too much.)

Parts: (w/o counterweight) 89

--------(w/ counterweight) 102

electric charge: -------------1255

Fuel:------------------------1800 (plus an additional 90 from the counterweight if you choose to use it, though not recommended)

Mono:-----------------------200 (low i know but its designed to use as minor adjustments during docking/landing.)


1 -> Toggle VTOL engines

2 -> Toggle Horizontal (main) engines

3 -> Toggle Ladders

8 -> eject counterweight

.CRAFT file:

*note* the .craft has the counterwight built onto it and in the position for fitting the launch stage, if you find a better way to launch it without the counterweight then just pluck the outside docking port off.

the VTOL thrusters at full in mun gravity slow the decent by anywhere from 3-7m/s so u want to use the main engines to get around 5000km at 200-300m/s then swap to VTOL.

the main engines have a weird tendency to overheat, so keep it one small notch down.. barely noticeable thrust loss. in emergencies the main thrusters can be activated to negate forward momentum if facing the correct way.

the VTOL thrusters are balanced in a way to lift the nose up as you takeoff so you can swap to the main engines quite early when it becomes vertical.

*side note* i am currently in development of a new intro for you Harv, since you mentioned it on that last video. should be expecting to receive it from me within the week.

Edited by scien30

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Because the earlier version had some rather serious issues I am now proud to present to you the

Hitchhicker shuttle/refueler mk3


It has four nuclear engines for a perfect ratio between thrust and efficiency.

With remarkable 6002 m/s DeltaV it is perfect for bringing four kerbals to the Bull's Eye Station and back to the base a couple of times

With four rover wheels it is fully mobile and easy to place where you wish (accelerate/decelerate by tapping w/s repeatedly, otherwise it will fall over, do NOT use the brakes to stop. You can use the landing gear to brake as long as you're not going too fast. USE ONLY IN DOCKING MODE WITH RCS AND A.S.A.S. TURNED OFF!!!)

It can even do wheelies!

It is PERFECTLY compatible with the KepeTech Refueling Station (docks instantly on the Mun)


Bonus equipment:

*Advanced S.A.S.

*Two small rcs tanks and a couple rcs thrusters for translation, for rotation the torque of the 4 Mk1 Lander Cans is more than enough

*Four junior docking ports on the sides

*Three standard docking ports: Two on the sides (Standard hight, compatible with the refueling station) and one on top

*Landing lights

*Landing gear (only for the actual landing, afterwards I recommend using the rover wheels with activated brakes since the two standard docking ports are at the standard hight then)

*Four Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators or RTGs

Action groups:

1 toggles the inner engines

2 toggles the outer engines

3 undocks both standard docking ports on the sides

Part count: 114

Total mass of utility: 39.90 metric tons

.CRAFT file: http://www./?vmco66uk5col32t

My name is Seagull Aerospace

Changes in this version:

*Fuel is now always equally distributed no matter how many engines you use

*Docking ports now on the correct hight

*Added RTGs

Have fun :)

Edited by seagull42

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Hi everyone! Here is my Shuttle for the Mun Base, hope you like it.

Name of the Utility: Mun Base Dropship

Author: Cornivius

Number of parts: 135 including the support structure for mounting it on a rocket. 105 after decoupling it

Total mass: 37.45

Capacity for 4 kerbals. There is a prove body so it doesn't need any of them to work.




The decoupler mounted on the structure underneath is aligned with the center of mass so you only need to built the rocket under it

.Craft: http://www./download/bj2d1915cp260ci/Mun_Base_Dropship.craft

Custom1: Shuts down the main nuclear engines

Custom2: Toggles all engines, alternating between vertical and horizontal movement.

If you rise the gear while landed the rear docking port is at standard heigh so you can dock to it with a rover. This hasn't been tested on the Mun but it works on Kerbin

Suggestions: The idea is using the main nuclear engines to slow down to a hover near the surface of the Mun and then descend the rest using the other engines so it can land on the landing gear. For take off, apply the same procedure in reverse.

Edited by cornivius

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I have two Google Documents that will convince you use my design: Danny Longlegs.

It has every feature you could want!

Here is the craft file:

And here is the official pitch with all the information about my design:

Designed by me, Collin.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Hello HOCgaming, on behalf of ATX industry's we present the "ATX Shuttle Mk1"

Specs: Its is able to hold 4 Kerbals(1 captain/ 3 passengers), and with its probe body it can fly without a crew. The shuttle has enough fuel to land, get back to orbit and land again. It is pretty light ,and well sized with 23 parts ,and only weights 14 tons on full fuel. Its very easy to fly and control. But the most noticeably feature is the docking port on the hull which is used to refuel the shuttle on the ground! Very useful feature don't you think? I have tested it with the required height of the docking port, so a vehicle with fuel should work fine. 1 toggles engines, and 2 toggles the landing gear.Thank you sir HOC.

Nathaniel Ross



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Hallo Harv and all you HOC-Gaming Fans!

I am very proud to present my perhaps best vehicle EVER constructed in KSP

I call it the Bi-Tech Mun Shuttle, it is almost capable of reaching a Kerbin orbit! I nearly got an orbit free of the atmosphere, but i bet Harv can do better than me! :D


The shuttle is equipped with 2 nuclear engines and the most powerfull of the small engines.

The shuttle have room for 3 Kerbals with an addition of 2 side mounted rover seats.

Shuttle data:

Part counter: 36

Fuel counter: 1170

Metric Tonnes: 22.27

Docking-ports: 2x Standard; 2x Junior

Advanced Staging:

Custum 1: Toggle Main engine

Custum 2: Toggle Nuclear engines

Custum 3: Toggle Ladder

The shuttle can be downloaded here:


Here is a full photo-shoot of the shuttle:

Who is this crazy Danish person?

Hallo! My name is Breaum, Breaumsidears everywhere else (Broooom's Ideas)

I love watching Harvs videos, and i got this game because of them. Thanks Harv

Have fun with this shuttle guys!

Edited by Breaum
O_o I forgot rcs to go sideways! (J+L) - Link is now updated!

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I made a moon buggy which can move facilities and has a fuel moving tank at the back it has the ports at the correct hight and all that stuff... it even has a kerbal compartment and it is remotely driven by a probe

you can download it from here: http://www./download/av2hqzj19sxlayz/buggy_v5_%2B_dock_%2B_grabber.craft



(One of each is MOAR than enough, smilies are not boosters! - Mods)

Edited by sjwt

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(One of each is MOAR than enough, smilies are not boosters! - Mods)

I'll need to remember this proverb! ;-)

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Alright here we go . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen! Harv and Fans! I present to you the Pegasus MDLV

The Multi Descent Landing Vehicle is the newest most premium lander on the market to date, that not only combines efficiency with looks, but reliability as well.

The Pegasus is the first in a new line of covered shroud landers, based of of NASA's latest concept, the Altair lander. The design allows the ability to combine stylish looks with large internal fuel stores, At it best the Pegasus is capable of 2 Munar landings and Takeoffs into a 20 km. orbit with 5 kerbals aboard. It has redundancy using 2 LV-909s to power the spacecraft into orbit as well as gently touching down when needed. It can suit all your needs and beyond!


Fuel: 475

Oxidizer: 580

RCS Fuel: 320

Payload: 5 Kerbals

Weight: 13.66 t.

Docking Ports: 1 standard and 4 Jr.


.craft file: http://www./?iynnwfak4k9b99w

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Shuttle Submission: The Minimalist


Part Count: 63

Weight: 6 Tons

Propulsion: 2x LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engines @ Aprox. 2 Kerbin Gs acceleration.

Cargo: 6 Seats for Kerbals, 440L of Fuel, 600 Electric Charge.

Control: Okto 2 Probe, w/ ASAS.

Utilities: 3 Landing Spikes, 3 Ladders, 3 Landing Lights, 3 Passenger Lights, 3 Radioisotopic Generators, 1 Regular docking port w/ Jrs.


Edited it into a 15 Kilometer Orbit and proceeded to land in the vicinity of the Armstrong memorial. After landing, it had a little over 2/3s fuel left, and I honestly didn't do the optimum fuel efficiency landing, I don't think. Easily made it back into orbit with more than enough fuel to rendezvous with the station.


This one I built with the idea in mind of quickest load time. Smallest and lightest I could do was this. The origional version did not have SAS, although it was very easily controllable still, so I decided to include 3 versions. Bare minimum, w/ SAS, and w/ SAS & RCS. It does the job well and seems to not have any problems I can speak of. If you want as little lag and loading times as possible, I think this one is your best bet. If you're willing to sacrifice performance for a more flexible design, I wouldn't blame you.



[This is the Bare Minimum Version]


Minimalist B1

w/ SAS:

Minimalist B1-A

w/ SAS & RCS:

Minimalist B1-B

Thanks and good luck!

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reposting this for the taxi service between the station and base

"Lander De-lux-O Taxi


total mass aprox 29

total parts 63

objective: a taxi service from the mun base to the mun orbital station and back again.

features: landing lights, docking lights, A-SAS, RCS, 3 kerbal mk 1.5 pod, 4 kerbal hitchhiker section, enough fuel and trust to make it from the launch pad to almost 21000 km,

versatile: run all 5 engines or turn the center one off when its not required.

Download Link:

Im still leaning KSP but I think this could be a useful work horses "

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Thanks for the vote of confidence from several people, oh and the craft lands by flipping forwards onto the wheels, just before touchdown. Also, I fixed the missing part count, weight and action group bindings.

Edited by TheFod
More info added.

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Tri- Bertha Wing

This is a fun shuttle I made for the THAT'S NO MOON base series. I had a lot of fun making the shuttle, and coming up with a name.

Download link:

This is a picture of my shuttle: 53434239334

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This is a shuttle i made capable of transporting 8 kerbals at a time.

It has more than enough fuel to land and then get back into orbit (if anything it has to much fuel).

It weighs 31 and has 72 parts.

Press 2 extend communication's.

It has jr. and normal clampatrons.


Download link

Edited by Netherkinghtcx12

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Here is a shuttle that can carry 7 kerbals at one time, and has horizontal and vertical thrusters. Here are some notes for when you are flying it:

-You will tend to pitch down slightly when you are in VTOL mode

-After pressing space, the action group 1 will toggle between VTOL and horizontal modes.


Download link:

Edited by HQtopgun1
Fixed fuel flow issues

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My name is... Well that's not important.

It is at a great personal risk I bring you these plans stolen borrowed from the United Komunist Kerbal Republic (UKKR).

The Lunamak MK-I & II is a two part Mun lifter weighing in at 24.5 kT. The MK-I is the remotely operated main lifter body powered by 4 nuclear propulsion units and has 6 docking ports (4 JR 2 standard). However the lower port is used solely for the MK-II. The MK-II is an electrically powered buggy with a crew capacity of 5. The MK-II can drive to and from your landing/launch area separate of the MK-I but is also able to carry the MK-I for refueling (use extreme caution). The MK-II also has a standard height docking port for hostile takeovers of other base utilities.


More images and schematics below.

Link To Files

Edited by Furbee

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The Collins Shuttlemax is litterally a shuttle. a space shuttle. :cool:

The Album of these photos can be viewed at my imgur

With a mass of 39.85, the collins shuttlemax is complete with 2 dockingports, rcs, and an asas module. it has 41 parts, and when in kerbin's atmosphere it get's to about 10k meters with a third of the fuel left, (has not been tested on moon)



Thank you for your time!

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this is the E102 Industries fuel shuttle UIHD8lg.png

As you can see it is and many cases it is a traditional low-g rocket with its nuclear engine

. But what this has what those don't is a docking port for the bulls eye station,and a rover at the bottom witch can refuel the rocket with ,fuel,rcs,and if needed electricity.

it can also hold up to 4 crew members at a time.


As you look somewhat closely at the image you will see that it stands only on 4 legs. and additionally if you look at the top of the rover and at the bottom of the rocket you will see that there are docking ports the reason being that i thought how is the rocket going to refuel after each mission because if it can't then it would serve as a one time fix and not as something that can be re-used.


now this image shows the rcs linear ports that the re-fuller has and the standardazation of the ports so that it can be attached with everything else.

mass unit's= 28.406

and here is the link to the craft http://www./download/gm4wkoteqktl4ha/E102_Industries_fuel_shuttle.craft

I have added a embedded video in this to show you how to get the rover on the ground and re-fuel the rocket

i have modified the rover so that it could hold more fuel so here is the new photo


Edited by ericge102
forgot to add download link

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Pamone Industries Cylon XVI Rocket [Finished testing]

This Launching Stage consists of 16 rocket engines 4 skippers and 12 1-meter no vectoring engines.

Durring testing I have attached Exactly 40 Mass units to the top. It had managed to get to the Mün's orbiting altitude above Kerbin.

Gravity turn altitude of ~ 7.5km

While Going up Vertically Maintain a velocity between ~80 and ~150, When starting Gravity turn, Engage throttle to full.

Enjoy Harv! I hope this is more fun to build than asparagus staging :)



Dry Mass:384.602

Liquid Fuel:21240


Electric Charge:20.56


Enjoy the Pics:


Here is the only part clipping:




Crafted, Tested, and Photo Op-Ed by yours truly Pamone C.E.O. of Pamone Industies.

(it is pronounced Pam-Own)


If you are still reading this post or just scrolled down and are reading this The development of this Launcher took ~4 hours of my day. 1 of those hours was realizing that it needs to carry up 40 mass-units to the Mün. The next 2 was trying out designs that weren't asparagus staging. And last hour was test flying it. First with MechJeb to see if it actually gets there with extra fuel, then actually hand flying it there. I hope you enjoy building this Harv (or passer by) I think it is a nice refreshing change in rocket designs.

Edited by Pamone

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