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Methods of achieving Safe-Hyper-Acceleration (SHA)


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The fastest method of going between two objects in space is a constant acceleration (brachiostrone) trajectory, except this is limited by the gee-force that the body can take (between 1 and 2 gees).

One method (more expensive than a million death stars), is to attach rockets to a heavy mass (like a black hole, if you could accelerate it without using gravity), accelerate it at 9810m/s/s or so, and situate yourself where the acceleration due to gravity is the same as above.

I've heard of subluminal Alcubierre drives/Gravitomagnetic Toroidal drives achieving similar things with less mass (but are not necessarily guaranteed to work in our current knowledge of the universe).

Of course, wormholes can achieve this, but you still need to bring one end to the destination.

Any other ideas?

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That's like saying we don't need intercontinental airliners, because we have perfectly good sea-going ships. If there would be a viable way to cut travel time from month to, lets say a day or two of course we would use it. Maybe not immediately, and only for specific tasks at first.

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actually, alcubierre drives are well within the current laws of physics.

We can accelerate more than 5G without serious discomfort among the crew.

Other ideas??... hmmmm.. I cant think of any other..

For days/weeks?

And are there any ideas other than the Alcubierre drive?

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